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Top 10 Automobile Influencers in Dubai Driving the City Crazy

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Rev up your engines and buckle up as we dive into the thrilling world of automobiles in Dubai! Get ready to meet Top automotive influencers in Dubai, as we unveil the top personalities shaping the scene in this dynamic city. From sleek supercars to off-road adventurers, discover the driving forces behind Dubai’s automotive culture. Let’s take a ride with the top automobile influencers in Dubai.

Top Automobile Influencers in Dubai

1. Mo Vlogs

Mo Vlogs, a rising star among Dubai’s automobile influencers, has garnered nearly 4 million followers on Instagram with his flashy car collection (often his own!), thrilling challenges, and engaging vlogs. While supercars are his signature, pranks, personal stories, and collaborations attract a wider audience. His income likely stems from YouTube, sponsorships, and potential ventures, although his exact net worth remains undisclosed. Though his success story motivates many, some critique the portrayal of materialism in his content.

2. Kareem Deeb

Kareem Deeb, a young and smart automobile influencer and stunt driver originally from Egypt, has established himself as a prominent figure in Dubai’s automotive scene. He’s a popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer, known for his captivating supercar showcases and thrilling stunt driving videos. His digital presence extends beyond automobiles, showcasing modeling and photography skills while regularly vlogging his daily adventures. As his Instagram bio proudly states, ‘The guy who drove your dream car’, Kareem embodies the aspirations of automobile enthusiasts in Dubai.

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3. Saygin Yalcin

Saygin Yalcin, the Founder and CEO of, the Middle East’s premier car-buying service, commands a substantial Instagram following of over 965K. With a diverse content mix, he showcases his profound passion for automobiles. His latest venture, Buy Your Car Online, underscores not only his love for cars but also his entrepreneurial acumen.

4. Suhaib Shashaa

Beyond being a mere car enthusiast and social media influencer, Suhaib Shasha wears multiple hats as the owner of ArabGT and a devoted family man. Rising to prominence within Dubai’s car enthusiast community, Suhaib established ArabGT as the largest Arabic automobile media outlet. Apart from showcasing his impressive supercars on Instagram, Suhaib also serves as a TV presenter for ArabGT.

5. Kasia Reviews

Meet Kasia, the self-proclaimed Lambo Girl and Boss Lady, reigning as one of Dubai’s foremost female car influencers. Boasting over 300k followers on Instagram, Kasia Reviews is a dedicated platform delving into all things automotive. While other influencers may diversify their content, Kasia stays true to her passion and niche: cars. Her Instagram feed is a visual delight, featuring Kasia posing elegantly with Dubai’s stunning supercars.

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6. Super Car Blondie

Recognized as one of the leading automobile influencers in Dubai, Alexandra Mary Hirschi, famously known as Supercar Blondie, hails from Australia and has made Dubai her home. Originally pursuing a career as a radio jockey, her passion for supercars propelled her into creating captivating content on social media. In no time, she became one of the first female car influencers in Dubai, captivating audiences worldwide with her love for automobiles.

7. Money Kicks

At just 17 years old, Rashed Belhasa, the mastermind behind the renowned YouTube channel Money Kicks, is a revelation in Dubai’s influencer scene. Enjoying the perks of a luxurious lifestyle fueled by his YouTube earnings and his father’s wealth, Rashed has carved his place among the top influencers in the city. With a fleet of some of the world’s most expensive cars at his disposal, Money Kicks offers a glimpse into his opulent lifestyle and passion for supercars, solidifying his status as one of Dubai’s foremost automobile influencers.

8. Khaled Al Harthi

For car enthusiasts seeking technical insights, Khaled Al Harthi, aka Salemt.uae on Instagram, is the go-to Dubai car influencer. As the first Emirati influencer on this list, Khaled educates his audience on various car-related topics, from cooling down cars in Dubai’s dry heat to manual fixes for unexpected breakdowns. Recently venturing into YouTube, Khaled caters to his Arabic-speaking audience with exclusive video content, further solidifying his position as a top car influencer in Dubai.

9. Saeed AlTeneiji

Meet Saeed AlTeneiji, a former sheikh turned automobile influencer, renowned for his unwavering passion for luxury cars. With a motto of “Break The Rules, Enjoy Life!”, Saeed’s content revolves around lifestyle, cars, and coffee. Based in the UAE, he boasts an impressive following of around 2.56 million subscribers on YouTube. Join him on his exhilarating journey through the world of luxury automobiles

10. Aldric Alexander

In a realm dominated by car influencers, Aldric stands out as a car photographer on Instagram. His feed, curated under aldric_a, showcases the crème de la crème of supercars in Dubai. Each photo is a visual masterpiece, earning him a devoted following of over 100k enthusiasts captivated by his drool-worthy content and passion for car photography. Join Aldric on his journey through Dubai’s supercar scene


In the vibrant city of Dubai, the automotive scene thrives with a diverse array of influencers, each bringing their unique perspective and passion to the forefront. From the adrenaline-pumping stunts of Kareem Deeb to the luxurious lifestyle captured by Supercar Blondie, and the technical insights shared by Khaled Al Harthi, Dubai’s car influencers offer something for every enthusiast. Whether it’s drool-worthy photos, educational content, or thrilling adventures, these influencers exemplify the multifaceted nature of the automotive world in Dubai, uniting followers in their shared love for cars. As they rev their engines and navigate the bustling streets of this dynamic city, Dubai’s car influencers continue to inspire and entertain, fueling the passion of automobile aficionados around the globe.

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