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Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

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The internet thrives on humor, and in India, Twitter has become a battleground for hilarious memes. These digital gems perfectly capture desi life, pop culture, and current events, leaving us in stitches. But who are the masterminds behind these viral sensations? Let’s meet the top 10 Indian meme creators of Twitter who keep us entertained:

Top Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

1. Gabbar Singh

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Abhishek Asthana, famously known as Gabbar Singh and recognized as the FOUNDER of @GingerMonkeyIN and CO-FOUNDER of @JoinHoodapp, stands out as a dark comedy star. His humor has a unique quality that seamlessly blends tears and laughter. Back in 2010, Asthana had a vision of creating a blog post about the iconic movie “Sholay.” Little did he know, this vision evolved into the creation of a dedicated Twitter account for the beloved character, Gabbar Singh.

In a world where it’s easy to overlook news updates, Gabbar Singh ensures you stay informed with his distinct touch. As one of the top memers in India, Asthana undoubtedly earns his place among the best, consistently delivering top-tier content that resonates with audiences across the country.

2. Ramesh Srivats

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Ramesh Shrivats, the mastermind behind the software company Ten Ten Ten, has carved his niche as a Twitter celebrity. Renowned for his razor-sharp one-liners, this Indian meme influencer on Twitter guarantees a smirk with his signature sarcasm.

Who needs videos and photos for memes when Ramesh demonstrates that words alone, coupled with sarcasm, can create punchlines that leave you in stitches? His tweets cover a wide spectrum of topics, from current affairs to sports and finance, all infused with his unique perspective and biting wit.

What sets Ramesh apart is his ability to take everyday occurrences and twist them into hilarious observations with his trademark sarcasm. He attributes his boundless creativity to his “weird brain,” which effortlessly makes connections between seemingly unrelated things, fueling his knack for crafting memorable memes.

A visit to his Twitter handle is all it takes to understand why Ramesh Shrivats rightfully claims the title of one of the best Indian meme creators out there.

3. Sorabh Pant

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Sorabh Pant, a leading Indian stand-up comedian, has graced over 2000 live shows across 100+ cities worldwide. His Twitter bio simply states, ‘I make jokes for a living,’ and indeed, he excels at his craft.

Originally a television writer, Sorabh’s comedic journey began in 2008 when he collaborated with Vir Das on a CNBC TV-18 show. Since then, he’s soared to new heights in the comedy scene.

In December 2011, Pant showcased his versatility by releasing his debut novel, ‘The Wednesday Soul,’ offering a humorous take on the afterlife. On Twitter, he delights his followers with a blend of hilarious memes and sarcastic punchlines.

With his knack for comedy and ability to entertain, it’s no surprise Sorabh Pant secures a spot on our list of the top 10 Indian meme creators on Twitter!

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4. Akshar Pathak

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Akshar Pathak has a knack for navigating the confines of brand briefs, turning them into viral sensations despite sparking debates among social circles. His ability to infuse humor into any situation, even under constraints, is commendable.

But Pathak isn’t just about aesthetics; he’s witty, clever, and dependable. Although he only drops rib-tickling gems about twice a year, each one is a big deal. From jokes to one-liners, memes, and comebacks, Pathak’s creativity knows no bounds.

When you’re having a rough day, Akshar’s amusing tweets are just the pick-me-up you need to power through. Trust us, he’s one of the top Indian meme creators on twitter.

5. Rahul Roushan

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Rahul Roushan is a multifaceted individual, excelling as a businessman, media expert, and social critic. His career journey started in television journalism but eventually led him to entrepreneurship. He gained prominence with the creation of the news parody website Faking News in India, later acquired by Network18.

Raised in Patna, Rahul obtained his undergraduate degree in mathematics with honors from Patna University. He furthered his education by earning a journalism certificate from IIMC (New Delhi) and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Currently, he holds the position of CEO at OpIndia (Aadhyaasi Media And Content Services Private Limited).

On Twitter, Rahul is known for his humorous and insightful posts, adding to the laughter-filled atmosphere of the platform. He humorously refers to himself as “a well-known expert on nothing,” showcasing his down-to-earth personality despite his impressive achievements.

6. Trendulkar

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

In today’s world, there’s a meme for every mood and occasion, turning memes into a universal language infused with humor. But becoming a Memestar isn’t easy.

However, Memestars or Indian memers have a knack for spotting top-notch meme content swiftly. And now, the spotlight shines on none other than Trendulkar, the undisputed king of cricket memes on Twitter.

In 2011, when memes were still a novelty and Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement left fans heartbroken, a clever engineer from BITS Pilani emerged. He created a Twitter account to add a humorous twist to cricket, India’s beloved sport.

Trendulkar delights his followers with the wittiest cricket-related tweets, earning him the title of India’s most recognized Twitter personality. But beneath the Sachin parody lies the fascinating life of Apoorv Sood. Apoorv, who served on a merchant ship, is now transitioning into the corporate world. Currently pursuing his education at a business school, he’s set to join a leading e-commerce company’s marketing department soon.

Apart from amassing countless retweets on his tweets, Apoorv’s Twitter journey includes winning a Tata Motors influencer competition, earning him a vehicle. With Trendulkar’s wit and Apoorv’s intriguing backstory, it’s clear why he reigns supreme in the world of cricket memes.

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7. Sagarcasm

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Sagarcasm is a master of memes, adding humor and wit to Twitter with every post. Despite keeping his identity secret, he’s become one of the platform’s most engaging accounts. Starting as a copywriter, he honed his craft to create memes that grab attention and tickle funny bones.

Joining Twitter in 2009, Sagarcasm found solace in the platform, gradually building a following with his sharp observations on various topics. His memes cover everything from social media trends to political news and Bollywood classics, earning him widespread laughter and recognition.

While he remains anonymous, Sagarcasm’s memes frequently appear in blogs and news articles, boosting his social media presence. Alongside managing his own business, he continues to entertain his followers with humorous tweets, refusing to expand to other platforms despite offers. With Sagarcasm, every meme is a step towards making the world a funnier place.

8. Pankaj Sinha

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Twitter is a treasure trove of humor, and if you’re following @AskThePankazzzz, you’re in for a treat. Behind the hilarious tweets is Pankaj Sinha, an IIT-Roorkee engineer and senior design analyst at Pininfarina. He joined Twitter out of boredom but found it to be more than just a pastime.

Even while at work, Pankaj keeps the laughs rolling by engaging with fellow internet denizens. For him, Twitter serves as a form of therapy, offering a break from the monotony of the workday. His wit and humor have earned him a spot among India’s top 10 meme creators on Twitter. With Pankaj, every tweet is a dose of laughter therapy.

9. Aditi Mittal

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Aditi Mittal, a leading figure in Indian English comedy, is not only renowned as one of the top 10 stand-up comedians by the Times of India but also holds sway as an Indian memer. With her comedic flair, she’s earned acclaim globally, gracing stages across the world.

In addition to her stand-up performances, Aditi keeps her fan base engaged with uproarious memes and active interactions on Twitter. Renowned for her witty and sarcastic commentary on everything from Bollywood to politics, she’s a cherished presence in the comedy scene.

Recognized by CNNIBN as one of the top 30 witty and intelligent Indian women to follow on Twitter, Aditi’s influence extends far beyond the stage. Her articles have found homes in esteemed publications like Grazia men magazine, DNA,, and even the Financial Times UK edition.

As an Indian memer, Aditi Mittal continues to push the boundaries of comedy, captivating audiences with her sharp wit and irreverent humor, establishing herself as a trailblazer in the realm of Indian comedy on Twitter.

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10. Rofl Gandhi

Top 10 Indian Meme Creators on Twitter

Rofl Gandhi, an amusing and satirical Twitter account, specializes in humorously dissecting Indian politics. Renowned as one of the most beloved parody profiles on the platform, Rofl Gandhi’s tweets offer a much-needed respite in today’s tense political climate.

In a country where politics is intertwined with everyday life, Rofl Gandhi deftly navigates the complexities of Indian society and leadership blunders, turning them into comedic gold. His witty anecdotes and clever memes serve as a welcome escape from the pressures of democracy, providing a lighthearted take on the nation’s political landscape.

As an Indian memer, Rofl Gandhi captures the essence of political absurdity, earning admiration for his ability to turn politicians’ mishaps into hilarious commentary. With each tweet, Rofl Gandhi adds a dose of laughter to the often stressful world of Indian politics, solidifying his status as a beloved figure in the realm of Indian comedy on Twitter.


In conclusion, the Indian meme creators on Twitter showcased here are not just entertainers but cultural commentators who use humor to reflect and engage with the complexities of Indian society. From Gabbar Singh’s dark comedy to Trendulkar’s cricket-themed memes and Rofl Gandhi’s satirical take on politics, each creator brings a unique flavor to the digital landscape. Their ability to blend wit, sarcasm, and cultural references resonates with audiences across India and beyond, making them indispensable pillars of the online humor community. As they continue to churn out viral content and keep us laughing, their influence on Indian internet culture remains unmatched.


1. How do these meme creators come up with their content?

Each meme creator has their own process for generating content. Some draw inspiration from everyday life, while others rely on pop culture, current events, or personal experiences. Many of them have honed their craft over years of observation and experimentation, developing a keen sense of humor and a deep understanding of their audience.

2. Do these meme creators face any challenges or controversies?

Like any public figure, meme creators may encounter challenges or controversies. Their humor sometimes pushes boundaries, leading to debates or backlash from certain segments of society. Additionally, navigating copyright issues and maintaining originality in a crowded online space can be ongoing challenges for meme creators.

3. How do these meme creators maintain relevance in a rapidly changing digital landscape?

Staying relevant in the fast-paced world of social media requires adaptability and creativity. Meme creators often keep a close eye on emerging trends, news events, and cultural shifts, allowing them to quickly pivot and capitalize on new opportunities. Engaging with their audience, experimenting with different formats, and collaborating with other creators also help them stay fresh and maintain their relevance over time.

4. Who is considered the top Indian meme creator on Twitter?

Determining the “top” Indian meme creator on Twitter can be subjective and may vary depending on individual preferences and criteria. However, some widely recognized names in the Indian meme community include Gabbar Singh, Ramesh Srivats, Sorabh Pant, and Trendulkar, among others. These creators have amassed large followings and consistently produce engaging and humorous content that resonates with audiences.

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