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Orient Electric Unveils Futuristic TVC Featuring MS Dhoni

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Orient Electric, a prominent player in the electrical appliances industry and a part of the esteemed CK Birla Group, has recently launched an intriguing television commercial (TVC) to showcase its premium range of BLDC fans. The TVC, starring the renowned cricketer MS Dhoni, takes viewers on a captivating journey through time to reveal the ‘Future of Fans.’

Orient Electric Campaign Narrative

The TVC opens with a mesmerizing aerial view of a bustling cricket stadium, but with a twist – robots are the players! As the scene unfolds with robotic bowlers and batters, it becomes evident that this isn’t just any ordinary cricket match. Amidst the futuristic gameplay, a matured version of MS Dhoni effortlessly catches the ball, sparking curiosity about the future of cricket.

Holding the ball, Dhoni muses, “Pata nahin cricket ka future kaisa hoga” and in a seamless transition, we are transported to the present day, where Dhoni sits in his living room. At this moment, he says, “Par fans ka future…pata hai,” pointing to the Orient Aeroslim BLDC fan above.

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The TVC looks to use the futuristic narrative to assert that the future of fans is already here – with the premium Orient BLDC fans. Flaunting designs and finishes, and features such as IoT connectivity, Orient BLDC fans aim to epitomise innovation and elegance. The TVC has VFX to add depth to the futuristic narrative.

Ankita Agarwal’s views

Anika Agarwal, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Orient Electric said, “In the midst of the IPL fervour, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest TVC featuring our brand ambassador MS Dhoni in an unprecedented avatar. This TVC isn’t just about showcasing our premium, energy saving BLDC fans, but it’s a narrative that encapsulates the evolving preferences of new-age consumers. Today, fans have become integral to our lifestyle and home decor, reflecting consumers’ desire for smart, stylish, and technologically advanced solutions.

“With features like IoT controls, integrated lighting, and reverse rotation, among others, our premium BLDC fans align with this consumer shift. Through our TVC, we’re not just presenting a product, but showcasing a vision of the future, where Orient BLDC fans redefine the way we think about comfort, convenience, and style. With MS Dhoni’s charismatic presence and a captivating blend of futuristic elements and cricket’s timeless allure, we’re sure that this TVC will resonate with audiences, sparking interest and anticipation for our current and upcoming BLDC fans.”

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Koushik Sarkar’s views

Koushik Sarkar, director of the TVC, said, “For any filmmaker, imagining the future is exciting. Having said that, crafting a narrative around the future of a national obsession like cricket, featuring a national icon like MSD, and most importantly, making an already futuristic Orient BLDC ceiling fan look distinctly different from others in its category, was quite a challenge. Additionally, bringing to life a VFX-heavy project from scratch is always a race against time. Nevertheless, with the support of our wonderful partners and a very supportive Orient team, we successfully brought this vision to life.”


With MS Dhoni’s charismatic presence and a captivating blend of futuristic elements and cricket’s timeless allure, Orient Electric’s latest TVC promises to resonate with audiences, sparking interest and anticipation for its current and upcoming BLDC fans. As consumers embrace the future, Orient Electric stands at the forefront, redefining comfort and style in homes across the nation.

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