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Top 15 Sustainability Influencers in India: Eco Warriors Inspiring Green Living

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Sustainability is no longer a niche concern in India. Today, a growing number of individuals are taking action to protect the environment and promote eco-conscious living. Leading the charge are passionate sustainability influencers in India, who are using their platforms to educate, inspire, and empower others to embrace a greener lifestyle. These inspiring individuals come from diverse backgrounds and focus on various aspects of sustainability, from zero-waste living and ethical fashion to responsible travel and mindful consumption.

Top 15 Sustainable Influencers in India: Eco Warriors Inspiring Green Living
Aakash Ranison
Top 15 Sustainable Influencers in India: Eco Warriors Inspiring Green Living
Nayana Premnath

Top Sustainable Infleuncers in India

1. Aakash Ranison

Aakash Ranison, a sustainable travel entrepreneur and minimalist, is a prominent sustainable influencer in India. He ardently advocates for eco-friendly practices and conscious living through his blog and various social media channels. Aakash’s work extends to simplifying climate and sustainability issues, promoting veganism, and sharing practical tips for a greener lifestyle. His impactful presence has earned him recognition in notable platforms such as TEDx, Google Talk, Forbes, Economic Times, Vice, and Vogue. Aakash Ranison stands out as a leading sustainable influencer in India, inspiring others to make mindful choices for a more environmentally conscious world.

2. Nayana Premnath

Nayana Premnath, a notable sustainable influencer in India, embodies the mantra of making sustainability do-able in everyday life. Transitioning from an architect to a zero-waste champion, Nayana advocates for eco-friendly practices with a focus on secondhand treasures, slow fashion, and veganism. Her Instagram platform serves as a hub for practical tips and hacks, encouraging followers to embrace a low-waste lifestyle. Nayana’s dedication to sustainability is further evident in her role as the founder of, where she actively contributes to building a community centered around sustainable living. Her impactful efforts have earned her recognition, including the prestigious Cosmo Award’22, solidifying Nayana Premnath

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3. Vani Murthy

Vani Murthy, affectionately known as “Worm Rani,” stands out as a dedicated sustainable influencer in India. As an urban farmer and composting enthusiast, Vani is on a mission to inspire individuals to manage waste sustainably. Through her engaging and informative videos, she educates her audience on the importance of composting and shares practical insights on moving towards a low-waste lifestyle. Vani’s commitment to environmental consciousness is highlighted by her role as a Founding Member of @swmrtbengaluru and her TEDx speaker status. By encouraging viewers to use kitchen scraps to nourish the soil and grow healthy vegetables, Vani Murthy empowers people to minimize their negative impact on the planet.

4. Ripudaman Bevli

Ripudaman Bevli, renowned as the ‘Plogman of India,’ is a distinguished environmentalist and filmmaker who employs his storytelling prowess to advocate for climate change awareness and conservation issues. By introducing the concept of plogging—combining jogging with litter clean-up—he actively contributes to making India litter-free. Through impactful visuals and narratives, Ripudaman emphasizes the detrimental effects of littering on the environment, encouraging individuals to adopt sustainable practices and join the movement for a cleaner and healthier nation.

5. Pankti Pandey

Pankti Pandey, known as ‘Zero Waste Adda,’ is a prominent advocate for zero-waste living, slow fashion, and minimalism in India. As a TEDx speaker, scientist, and minimalist, Pankti uses her Instagram platform to share practical resources and guides that inspire and educate her audience on sustainable living. With her roles as a Sustainability Educator and Consultant, she brings valuable insights into adopting eco-friendly practices. Recognized as a Forbes Top 100 digital star, Pankti is a dedicated advocate for both slow fashion and slow food movements. Through her multifaceted expertise, she continues to make a significant impact by promoting mindful consumption and sustainable lifestyle choices.

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6. Sagar

Sagar, an experienced backpacker and passionate advocate for sustainable travel, brings attention to the unintentional ecological disruptions caused by our actions while exploring the world. With years of backpacking experience, Sagar engages with local communities, assesses human habitations, and examines the impact of human activities on the environment, leading to the retreat of nature. Recognized as a Green Crusader awardee, Sagar has demonstrated his commitment by planting over 4,000 trees, showcasing his dedication to environmental conservation. As a teacher with expertise in permaculture, wildlife distance running, soil science, and wild food, Sagar actively contributes to sustainable practices. His involvement in the project @prakritiecovillage further exemplifies his commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment through responsible and eco-conscious travel.

7. Saif

Saif, a dedicated advocate for sustainability and one of the prominent sustainable influencers in India has found an engaging way to educate people on eco-conscious living—through reels. By leveraging the popularity of this social media format, Saif shares a plethora of captivating content on his page, all focused on promoting a sustainable lifestyle. From unraveling the mysteries behind identification codes on plastic items to exploring careers in sustainability and offering tips on reducing food wastage, Saif’s reels provide accessible and enjoyable insights into the world of sustainability. Through his creative and informative approach, Saif makes the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle both fun and simple, effectively reaching and inspiring a broader audience.

8. Kamana Gautam

Kamana Gautam, a dedicated nutritionist, embraces a forward-thinking approach known as ‘sustainable parenting’ to address the pressing issue of climate change in the modern era. With a commitment to integrating sustainability into every aspect of her family’s life, Kamana not only practices but advocates for eco-conscious choices. She imparts valuable lessons to her children, emphasizing the importance of growing food over ordering it from restaurants and educating them about their roots, including concepts like harvesting. Kamana actively encourages fellow parents to follow suit, creating a ripple effect of awareness and action towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to parenting.

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9. Aishwarya Sharma

Aishwarya Sharma, one of the leading in India, stands as a fashion activist and blogger dedicated to raising awareness about social issues and championing sustainable fashion. As the founder of the blog Figuramoda, translating to “fashion for all” in Latin, she addresses critical societal concerns such as body shaming, sexual harassment, and racial discrimination. Aishwarya has earned recognition in reputable publications like The Times of India, The Indian Express, and YourStory. Beyond activism, she actively promotes sustainable fashion practices, including slow fashion, ethical sourcing, and upcycling. As the @puma Voice of Re:Gen and Next-Gen Ambassador for @globalfashionagenda, Aishwarya Sharma continues to use her influence to advocate for a more sustainable and inclusive future in the fashion industry.

10. Soumya

Soumya, a proactive advocate for sustainable living, addresses the cycle of consumerism by initiating the ‘No Buy Challenge.’ In a society where impulse purchases and subsequent regrets perpetuate the cycle of waste generation, Soumya encourages people to reconsider unnecessary buying habits. Through the No Buy Challenge, she inspires individuals to break free from the cycle of mindless consumption, emphasizing the importance of making mindful and intentional choices. Soumya’s initiative aims to reduce waste generation and promote a more sustainable approach to consumption, fostering a sense of responsibility and consciousness among participants.

11. Ravneet Kaur

Ravneet Kaur, a passionate advocate for green living and sustainability, actively contributes to the environmental movement through her lush garden. Together with her family, she tends to a vibrant array of plants, vegetable creepers, and shrubs, inspiring others to follow suit and bring the greens back into their lives. Ravneet not only shares her gardening journey but also delves into sustainable living practices, making her a notable influencer in the sustainable living community in India. Her dedication encourages individuals to embrace eco-friendly choices, from cultivating their own terrace gardens to incorporating sustainable practices in various aspects of their lives. For those seeking inspiration in Ludhiana or Chandigarh, Ravneet Kaur’s holistic approach serves as a beacon for fostering greenery and sustainable living in their own spaces, contributing to the growing community of sustainable influencers in India.

12. Sumaira Abdulali

Sumaira Abdulali, a revered environmentalist from Mumbai, India, stands as a formidable force in championing environmental protection. With a legacy rooted in activism and inspired by family members involved in the Indian independence movement, women’s emancipation, and environmental advocacy, Sumaira has emerged as a prominent figure in India’s environmental landscape. Notably, her activism against illegal sand mining led to impactful policy changes at both state and national levels. As the founder of the Awaaz Foundation, she addresses noise pollution, advocating for policy reforms that enhance public well-being. Sumaira’s influential work has earned her accolades, including the Mother Teresa Awards and the Ashoka Fellowship, solidifying her status as one of the leading sustainable influencers in India. Her ongoing commitment, strategic approach, and numerous initiatives make Sumaira Abdulali a beacon for those dedicated to creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

13. Komal Nanda

Kopal Nanda, a dedicated ‘plantfluencer,’ has cultivated a virtual nursery on her page, offering a refreshing pop of green with every scroll. Taking her role seriously, she goes beyond showcasing what makes a great garden, extending her expertise to guide followers on maintaining green spaces within the confines of an urban jungle. Planted in India around 27 years ago, Kopal shares insights on her plant’s unique characteristics, noting its aversion to direct sun or bright light. Despite occasional procrastination before blooms, this plant is winter-hardy, embodying Kopal’s commitment to fostering a green haven. Through her engaging and informative content, Kopal Nanda has carved a niche as a ‘plantfluencer,’ influencing and inspiring others in the art of nurturing urban greenery.

14. Arushi Sana

Arushi Sana, a dynamic entrepreneur and the founder of NYK Daily, emerges as a leading voice in sustainability and recycling education. As a dedicated advocate for zero waste management and sustainable fashion, Arushi’s Instagram serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking knowledge in these domains. Her commitment to implementing sustainability in every aspect of daily life is evident in her impactful work. Recognized for her achievements, Arushi has been honored as the Times Power Woman of the Year and Digital Entrepreneur of the Year. Additionally, she serves as an ambassador for @cop28uaeofficial and is the proud founder of @nykdailymagazine. Arushi’s influence extends to the speaking circuit, including engagements at esteemed institutions like VIT and @iim_nagpur, solidifying her position as an influential advocate for sustainable living and responsible entrepreneurship.

15. Pallavi

Pallavi, aka Modaninja, stands out as a noteworthy sustainable influencer in India, seamlessly blending her passion for fashion with a deep love for nature on her Instagram account. As a dedicated fashion blogger, she goes beyond showcasing style trends, aiming to promote an unlearning of ingrained colonial exploitation and unsustainable practices within the industry. Pallavi’s page serves as a valuable resource for those keen on understanding how and why fast fashion operates and exploring sustainable alternatives. In addition to being visually calming with its nature-infused aesthetics, her content provides a unique perspective that positions her among the influential voices advocating for sustainability in the fashion landscape. Pallavi’s efforts contribute significantly to the growing community of sustainable influencers in India, making her a key figure in the movement towards conscious and ethical fashion choices.


In the dynamic realm of sustainable influencers in India, a diverse and dedicated group is reshaping perspectives and fostering positive change. From Aakash Ranison advocating for sustainable travel to Arushi Sana’s commitment to zero waste, each influencer contributes uniquely to the conscious living movement. Nayana Premnath, Vani Murthy, and Pankti Pandey promote low-waste lifestyles, while Ripudaman Bevli and Kakali Biswas use storytelling and fashion initiatives to address climate change. Siddharth Kerkar, Sreedevi Bindu Olappamanna, and Pooja Nair advocate for mindful consumption and sustainable choices. Saif creatively educates through reels, Sumaira Abdulali champions environmental protection, and Kopal Nanda and Pallavi, aka Modaninja, provide insights into green living and sustainable fashion, respectively. Together, these influencers form a vibrant community, inspiring a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society in India.

  1. Who are some influential sustainable influencers in India?

    Answer: Influential sustainable influencers in India include Aakash Ranison, Arushi Sana, Nayana Premnath, and Sumaira Abdulali, among others. Their advocacy spans sustainable travel, zero waste living, and environmental protection.
  2. What is the significance of sustainable living?

    Answer: Sustainable living focuses on reducing environmental impact through mindful choices. It includes practices like zero waste, eco-friendly fashion, and ethical consumption, promoting a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.
  3. How can I adopt a low-waste lifestyle in India?

    Answer: To adopt a low-waste lifestyle in India, consider following influencers like Nayana Premnath, Vani Murthy, and Pankti Pandey for practical tips on reducing waste, composting, and ethical sourcing.
  4. What are some eco-friendly fashion initiatives in India?

    Answer: Kakali Biswas, Siddharth Kerkar, and Arushi Sana are influencers promoting eco-friendly fashion initiatives in India. They focus on sustainable clothing choices, upcycling, and ethical fashion practices.
  5. How can I contribute to sustainable travel in India?

    Answer: Aakash Ranison provides insights into sustainable travel practices. Following his tips, such as reducing carbon footprint, supporting local communities, and eco-friendly accommodations, can contribute to sustainable travel in India.
  6. What are some tips for creating a sustainable garden in urban areas?

    Answer: Kopal Nanda offers insights into creating sustainable gardens in urban areas. Consider following her tips on plant choices, terrace gardening, and eco-friendly practices for an urban green space.
  7. How can influencers on Instagram help in spreading awareness about sustainability in India?

    Answer: Influencers like Saif and Pallavi, aka Modaninja, use Instagram to spread awareness about sustainability. They create engaging content on eco-conscious living, sustainable fashion, and environmental issues, contributing to the awareness and education.
  8. What is the role of influencers in combating climate change in India?

    Answer: Ripudaman Bevli and Sumaira Abdulali actively use their influence to combat climate change in India. Through storytelling, activism, and environmental protection initiatives, they contribute significantly to raising awareness and driving positive change.

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