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The Man Company is all set to spread love this Valentine’s Day with #CountingLove campaign

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The latest digital film from The Man Company, a premium men’s grooming brand, showcases Anushka Sen, an Indian television actress, and Vihaan Samat, a Hindi web series and film actor. Embracing #CountingLove, the campaign film celebrates Valentine’s Day with a nod to heartfelt connections.

The Man Company Valentine’s Day Campaign

The latest digital film from The Man Company, a distinguished men’s premium grooming brand, embraces #CountingLove this Valentine’s Day.

Featuring Vihaan Samat, renowned for his role in the popular OTT series Mismatched, and Anushka Sen, a social media influencer and actor, the film narrates the story of a young, deeply connected couple.

The #CountingLove campaign goes beyond conventional notions of celebrating romance on a single day, capturing love in its entiretyโ€”woven with affection, laughter, shared experiences, joy, vulnerability, agony, and a spectrum of perfect and imperfect emotions. Vihaan and Anushka, the protagonists, embark on a relatable roller-coaster ride showcasing the complexities of love, from the initial days of giddy romance to the varied faces of love that unfold.

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You can watch the film on The Man Companyโ€™s YouTube channel and various digital platforms. Additionally, the brand presents a collection of distinctive gift sets for men, thoughtfully curated for the occasion.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

โ€œWe seek to dive into the beauty of a relationship through countless small yet authentic moments. The idea is not to establish an ideal kind of love but to encourage couples to celebrate their infinite moments of love.โ€, said Jatin Luthra, head of marketing, The Man Company.

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โ€œWith romance in the air, we want to garner brand love by telling a story that resonates with the audience, making them relive the not-so-perfectly-perfect trajectory of their relationships,โ€ he added.


In conclusion, The Man Company #CountingLove campaign for Valentine’s Day, as depicted in its latest digital film featuring Vihaan Samat and Anushka Sen, transcends the conventional celebration of love. The narrative beautifully captures the essence of love with its myriad emotions, shared experiences, and relatable complexities. This heartwarming portrayal is not confined to a single day but embraces love in its entirety. To experience this celebration, the film is available on The Man Companyโ€™s YouTube channel and various digital platforms. As an added delight, the brand offers a selection of unique gift sets curated for men, making this Valentine’s Day truly special and memorable. Join The Man Company in saying yes to #CountingLove and celebrating the diverse and beautiful facets of love.

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