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Ranveer Singh Becoming Brands’ Favorite

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“Myself Rocky Randhawa from this side and Brands’ Favourite from that side” Rocky and Rani ki Prem Katha fame, Ranveer Singh, is nailing the marketing game, and we can’t go a day without seeing him collaborating with different brands.

Pepsi and Thums Up, while his fitness and disciplined image align with brands like Cult.Fit and Fastrack. His recent movie, Rocky and Rani, gained immense popularity, especially his portrayal of a swaggy Delhi boy, which not only endeared him to fans but also caught the attention of numerous brands. Here is a list of brands Ranveer has recently collaborated with:

Ranveer Singh Recent Brands Collab

1. Lavie Sport

Ranveer Singh Becoming Brands' Favorite

Lavie Sport, aiming to elevate active lifestyles, has appointed Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh as their Brand Ambassador. This partnership reflects Lavie Sport’s dedication to catering to the athleisure needs of today’s fashion-forward youth while maintaining relevance with its current customer base. Lavie Sport’s core mission revolves around promoting an active lifestyle by delivering bags that blend durability, style, and enhanced security to meet consumers’ daily demands.

2. Britannia NutriChoice

In a groundbreaking partnership, the dynamic Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has joined forces with Britannia NutriChoice for their innovative FeelTheFit campaign. This initiative seeks to revolutionize our approach to fitness and inspire people to embark on their health and wellness journey, starting with small choices. The campaign underscores the belief that every little effort counts, driving individuals towards a healthier and better lifestyle.

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3. Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Ranveer Singh Becoming Brands' Favorite

Yas Island Abu Dhabi, a global hub for leisure and entertainment, has unleashed its latest viral sensation, Yas Hai Khaas,‘ featuring Bollywood’s trailblazing icon, Ranveer Singh, aimed at captivating Indian consumers. Meaning ‘Yas Is Special,’ this captivating video trails Ranveer on a high-voltage expedition across Yas Island, spotlighting its wide array of attractions, diverse experiences, and the inviting hospitality that defines Yas Island

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4. Fastrack

Bringing Ranveer Singh on board as the Brand Ambassador for Fastrack promises to ignite a dynamic fusion, uniting Ranveer’s boundless energy and magnetic charm with Fastrack’s bold, youthful brand essence. With Ranveer’s irresistible charisma, this collaboration is poised to be a powerhouse, grabbing the youth’s spotlight and motivating them to break free from societal constraints.

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In a revolutionary step poised to reshape the fitness landscape, India’s esteemed health and fitness brand,, proudly introduces Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador. The partnership between and Ranveer Singh is all set to revolutionize the fitness narrative, merging infectious energy, a dedication to well-being, and a novel outlook on physical fitness.

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6. Flair Pen

Ranveer Singh, the Bollywood superstar and a source of inspiration to millions worldwide! This monumental collaboration is set to establish new global standards for Flair Pens. Ranveer’s undeniable charisma and unwavering passion perfectly mirror the core values that Flair Pens cherishes. By joining hands, our goal is to ignite inspiration in people from every corner of the world, encouraging them to embrace the transformative potential of the written word.

7. Ducati 

Ducati proudly unveils Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador in India, coinciding with the launch of the Diavel V4 in the country. Ducati sees Ranveer as the embodiment of the Diavel’s daring spirit, championing the motto ‘Dare to be bold.’ Singh will promote the Ducati brand across various channels and will be an integral part of Ducati’s experiential events both in India and abroad, including the Bharat GP, MotoGP races in the Asia-Pacific region, and World Ducati Week.

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8. Kajaria

Kajaria has launched a campaign starring actors Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh, with the concept crafted by 82.5 Communications after securing the business. In the film, Kumar and Singh take on the roles of soldiers. The voice-over highlights their differing approaches to their duties but underscores their unity when it comes to the nation. In a similar vein, Kajaria demonstrates its dedication and passion, working tirelessly to tile the country.

9. Meesho

Meesho has launched the #SahiQualitySahiPrice campaign, featuring actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, highlighting the brand’s ability to provide excellent quality at affordable prices and urging customers to experience genuine value.

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Created by Moonshot, the films center on the ‘product’ as the hero, with characters expressing amazement and curiosity about its price and quality. In the first film, Singh plays a detective, tracking a man down the street to inquire about his jacket’s source. He describes the jacket’s quality to his investigation team. The film concludes with Singh catching the man wearing the jacket and asking about its price, only to be surprised by the affordability of the high-quality product.

10. Kotak

Kotak Mahindra Bank has launched a campaign featuring actors Ranveer Singh and Keerthy Suresh to raise awareness about their ActivMoney offerings.

Conceptualized by Cartwheel Creative Consultancy, the film portrays Singh and Suresh engaged in a debate over a financial decision. While Suresh advocates for a savings account, Singh insists on opening a fixed deposit.

Some of The Bonus Ranveer Singh Brand Collaborations And Moments

1. Pepsi

2. Nutella

3. Ranveer and His Dad in Abu Dhabi Tourism Campaign

4. NBA Moments

5. Adidas India


In conclusion, it’s evident that Ranveer Singh has not only captured the hearts of fans but also become a favorite among brands. Moreover, his rising popularity is reflected in his recent selection by producers and directors, such as the upcoming role in “DON 3,” where he steps into the shoes of the iconic Shah Rukh Khan. This move signals Ranveer’s growing influence and prominence in both the Bollywood and branding landscapes. It’s safe to say that Ranveer Singh is on the path to becoming a colossal name in the entertainment industry and a sought-after figure in the world of brand endorsements. The future indeed looks incredibly promising for him.

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