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Vikrant Massey Joins Fibe as Brand Ambassador

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Fibe, a rising fintech company, has taken a significant step in its marketing strategy by announcing Bollywood actor Vikrant Massey as its new brand ambassador. Known for his stellar performance in the blockbuster movie 12th Fail, Massey’s association with Fibe marks an exciting phase for the company as it aims to deepen its connection with Gen Z and millennials.

Fibe: A Seamless Financial Solution

Fibe’s latest campaign, conceptualized by VeryBusyPeople Film Production House, leverages Massey’s strong customer appeal to highlight the fintech company’s quick and hassle-free application process. The campaign showcases how easily customers can avail themselves of Fibe’s services without undergoing lengthy processes or facing numerous questions about their loan usage.

Sudesh Shetty’s views

Sudesh Shetty, Founding Member and EVP – Marketing at Fibe, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Vikrant Massey to the Fibe family. Vikrant’s relatable and authentic persona makes him the perfect fit to represent the brand Fibe. Fibe has remained committed to upgrading the lifestyle of the salaried class while ensuring to encourage responsible buying behavior. Vikrant’s connect with the younger generation will significantly boost our efforts in engaging with the audiences and empower them with the Fibe app through which they can avail our offerings in an easy manner.”

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Fibe X Vikrant Massey: Breaking the ‘Agli Baar’ Tradition

The heart of this campaign is the concept of dismissing the age-old tradition of ‘Agli Baar’ (Next Time), which resonates deeply with middle-class individuals who often postpone their aspirations or purchase decisions due to financial constraints. The campaign, aptly named #NoMoreAgliBaar, aims to inspire people to seize opportunities and fulfill their dreams with confidence and ease, supported by Fibe’s financial solutions.

As the protagonist and narrator (Sutradhar) of the campaign, Vikrant Massey guides customers through their journey of fulfilling aspirations using the Fibe app. Whether it’s purchasing a dream bike or enrolling in an online course, Massey highlights the benefits of using Fibe, empowering individuals to make decisions that positively impact their lives.

Vikrant Massey’s words

Expressing his excitement, Vikrant Massey said, “I am delighted to collaborate with Fibe in its mission of helping people fulfill their dreams with confidence and ease. The brand not only helps underserved individuals avail financial services but also empowers them with financial independence.”

Sudhir Shetty’s insights

Sudhir Shetty, Founder and Director at VeryBusyPeople Film Production House, shared the inspiration behind the campaign, stating, “The inspiration for this campaign came from the stories of everyday life of the youth who have many dreams and aspirations but avoid making the smallest of purchases and push it to ‘Agli Baar’ because of financial constraints. Through the #NoMoreAgliBaar campaign, we want to inspire them to seize opportunities with the support of Fibe’s financial solutions. Leveraging Massey’s relatable appeal with the youth, we aim to create a powerful connection with Gen Z and millennials while enabling them with easily accessible financial solutions.”

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Integrated Campaign Launch

The integrated launch of the #NoMoreAgliBaar campaign will be promoted across various platforms, including digital and social media, ensuring a wide reach and engagement with the target audience. With Vikrant Massey as the face of the campaign, Fibe is set to make a lasting impact on the financial choices of young individuals, encouraging them to fulfill their dreams today rather than postponing them to the next time.


With Vikrant Massey as the brand ambassador, Fibe’s #NoMoreAgliBaar campaign is set to transform the way young Indians approach their financial decisions. By addressing the common tendency to postpone aspirations, the campaign encourages individuals to seize opportunities and make confident choices today. Fibe’s seamless and accessible financial solutions, coupled with Massey’s relatable appeal, promise to create a significant impact, empowering Gen Z and millennials to fulfill their dreams with ease. As this integrated campaign rolls out across various platforms, it stands to inspire a new era of financial independence and responsible purchasing behavior among India’s youth.

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