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Ola Cabs Replaces Google Maps with In-House Ola Maps, Saving Rs 100 Crore Annually

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Ola Cabs, the ride-hailing giant, has made a significant shift in its operations by moving from Google Maps to its own in-house mapping solution, Ola Maps. This strategic change is expected to result in substantial cost savings for the company, amounting to approximately Rs 100 crore annually.

Bhavish Aggarwal’s Announcement of Ola Maps

Bhavish Aggarwal, the co-founder and chairman of Ola Group, announced this major development on social media. “After Azure exit last month, we’ve now fully exited Google Maps. We used to spend Rs 100 crore a year but we’ve made that 0 this month by moving completely to our in-house Ola Maps! Check your Ola app and update if needed,” said Aggarwal. This move marks a significant milestone in Ola’s journey towards greater self-reliance and cost efficiency.


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Transition to In-House Solutions- Ola Maps

The announcement follows Ola Group’s successful transfer of its entire workload to its in-house artificial intelligence (AI) firm, Krutrim. This transition was completed three months after the company ended its partnership with Microsoft Azure. In May, Aggarwal had revealed that the firm would transition its entire workload to Krutrim within a week, emphasizing Ola’s commitment to leveraging its own technological solutions.

Launch of Krutrim AI

At the launch of Krutrim AI, Ola announced that the firm would not only handle the company’s AI needs but also offer mapping solutions within its cloud services. This integration of AI and mapping solutions under one roof demonstrates Ola’s strategic focus on innovation and cost management.

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Ola Cabs’ shift from Google Maps to its in-house Ola Maps is a testament to the company’s drive for technological independence and cost optimization. Also, by making this change, Ola expects to save Rs 100 crore annually, reinforcing its position as a leader in the ride-hailing industry. Users are encouraged to update their Ola app to experience the new mapping solution.

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