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Dentsu Creative India bags the Social Media Management duties for Dailyhunt’s Xpresso

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Dentsu Creative India has secured the social media management mandate for Xpresso, Dailyhunt’s short-form news feed. The agency triumphed after a rigorous multi-agency pitch and will handle the account from its Mumbai office. Get ready to witness an exciting blend of creativity and innovation as Dentsu takes on the challenge of elevating Xpresso’s digital presence.

Dentsu Creative India’s triumph in the multi-agency pitch has earned them the coveted responsibility of managing  Dailyhunt’s Xpresso digital communications. From their Mumbai office, the agency will strategically navigate social media platforms, design captivating digital content, and implement result-driven content marketing strategies for the brand. Brace yourself for an exciting journey ahead as Xpresso’s digital presence soars to new heights under Dentsu’s expertise.

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What Role Will Dentsu Creative India Play for Dailyhunt’s Xpresso?

Dentsu Creative India takes on a pivotal role as the entrusted agency responsible for crafting and shaping the digital communications for Dailyhunt’s Xpresso. This includes skillfully managing the brand’s social media platforms, curating captivating digital designs, and executing result-driven content marketing strategies. Operating from their Mumbai office, Dentsu Creative India is all set to redefine Xpresso’s digital presence, driving engagement and growth to new heights. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey as Dentsu embarks on this exciting responsibility, ensuring Xpresso’s digital success like never before.

What do Experts have to say about this Partnership?

Bhagyashree Saini, Director – Marketing, VerSe Innovation, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Dentsu Creative India to further strengthen the digital presence of Xpresso, Dailyhunt’s captivating short-form news feed. By leveraging their expertise, we aim to elevate Xpresso’s social media presence and provide an engaging experience for our users. As today’s young demographic becomes increasingly driven and passionate about news consumption, this collaboration will enable us to effectively connect with our audience through captivating digital designs and impactful social media content, enabling them to stay informed and entertained at the same time. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Dentsu Creative India.”

Sahil Shah, President – Digital Experience, Dentsu Creative India, added, “Xpresso is quick, snackable & immersive, and above all, it’s made for today’s modern consumers. And that’s exactly how we want our marketing efforts to be. We are truly excited about how our ideas can seamlessly blend with the app’s overall thematic and I look forward for us to scaling the app marketing endeavours through fast and impactful campaigns. Also, welcoming Xpresso to our DC universe is a great validation for us, as it showcases the trust such new-age brands like Xpresso are putting in Dentsu Creative. We are thrilled to take this journey forward and make magic happen.”

Sahil Shah
Manika Juneja

Manika Juneja, Managing Partner, Dentsu Creative India, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Dailyhunt’s Xpresso to establish its digital presence. Creating content for a content platform that makes News Easy, Visual & Fun is a challenging task, and we look forward to creating exciting work that builds the brand and business.”

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In conclusion, we’ve got the dynamic duo: Dailyhunt’s Xpresso and Dentsu Creative India. Brace yourself for a quirky and transformative digital journey ahead. From social media sorcery to eye-popping designs and genius content marketing, Dentsu’s got it all covered from their Mumbai magic hub. Together, they’re set to redefine how Xpresso sizzles in the digital spotlight, making waves and raising eyebrows. Get ready to sip on the freshest news with a side of Dentsu’s creative sauce – a blend that’s bound to tickle your newsfeed taste buds like never before

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