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Vice President Karan Arora Leaves Swiggy Instamart

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Swiggy Instamart, a prominent player in online grocery delivery, recently witnessed a notable departure from its leadership team. This blog delves into the departure of Karan Arora, Vice President and Head of Supply Chain Management (SCM), and its implications for Swiggy Instamart.

Departure of Karan Arora

After a tenure of three and a half years, Karan Arora bid farewell to Swiggy Instamart. Arora’s departure was announced via his LinkedIn profile, where he expressed pride in contributing to the growth of the company and fostering consumer love. His departure marks the end of an era but also signals a new beginning, as he prepares to co-found a new venture alongside former colleague Karthik Gurumurthy.

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Career Trajectory of Karan Arora

Arora’s professional journey is marked by a decade-long experience in esteemed organizations such as Sterling Commerce, GE Healthcare, Technova, Snapdeal, and His diverse background underscores his adaptability and capability to thrive in different environments, qualities that undoubtedly contributed to his success at Swiggy Instamart.

Broader Trend of Departures

Arora’s departure is part of a broader trend within Swiggy, as several other VPs and Senior VPs have also bid farewell to the company in recent times. Notable figures like former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Dale Vaz and other key executives have moved on to pursue new ventures and opportunities.

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Opportunities for Renewal

While leadership transitions may raise questions about the company’s stability and direction, they also present opportunities for renewal and reinvention. Fresh perspectives, new strategies, and reinvigorated innovation often emerge from such transitions. As Swiggy Instamart navigates these changes, it remains poised to continue its mission of delivering convenience and quality to consumers.


Karan Arora’s departure from Swiggy Instamart marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. His journey reflects the dynamic nature of careers in the tech industry, where individuals continually seek new challenges and opportunities for growth. As Swiggy and its leadership team embark on this new phase, they carry with them the lessons learned and the experiences gained, poised to chart a course toward continued success and innovation in the competitive landscape of online grocery delivery.

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