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Parle Agro Launches Smoodh Summer Campaign featuring Varun Dhawan

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As the summer sun graces us with its warmth, there’s a new wave of indulgence and goodness making its way into our lives. Parle Agro, a name synonymous with innovation and quality, has unveiled its latest summer campaign for its dairy brand, Smoodh. With a delightful blend of creativity, charm, and taste, Smoodh promises to captivate the hearts of consumers, especially the younger generation.

Unveiling the Parle Agro’s Smoodh Campaign

Conceptualized by the renowned &Walsh, the campaign encapsulates the essence of Smoodh – smoothness with a dash of indulgence. The TVC, featuring the charismatic Varun Dhawan, invites consumers to immerse themselves in the sensory appeal of this delectable beverage. With vibrant visuals and engaging storytelling, the ad aims to resonate with the younger audience, making Smoodh their beverage of choice this summer.

Reaffirming Smoodh’s Superiority

At the heart of the campaign lies Smoodh’s unrivaled taste and texture. Through the creative narrative and the introduction of a new character – the lovable Cow advocate – Smoodh reaffirms its status as the smoothest flavored milk brand in the market. The tagline “Oh so SMOODH” resonates not just as a phrase but as a promise of unparalleled goodness in every sip.

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Innovation and Expansion

But the campaign doesn’t stop at reaffirmation; it signifies Parle Agro’s commitment to innovation and growth. With the introduction of more options in PET bottles and strategic pricing, Smoodh aims to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers while maintaining its exceptional quality standards. This move reflects Parle Agro’s ambition to lead the dairy-based beverage industry with its blend of innovation and affordability.

Ankit Kapoor’s views

Speaking on the campaign, Ankit Kapoor, head of marketing & international business at Parle Agro. “Smoodh is a revolutionary product that has disrupted the dairy-based beverage industry with its distinctive visual identity, a price point that is hard to match and the goodness clubbed with delicious taste. With Varun Dhawan’s energetic and playful charm and the light-hearted authority of our new character, the Cow, the campaign is bound to accelerate the brand and firmly establish Parle Agro as serious Dairy player.”

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Nadia Chauhan’s views

“In our journey of transformation and growth, we’ve embraced risks and driven innovation. The evolution of Smoodh into a prominent player within the dairy-based beverage industry has been exhilarating. With this campaign, we not only reaffirm our commitment to delivering quality products but also position ourselves for greater success in the dairy segment. It underscores our big strategy for the organisation – to continuously innovate, diversify our product offerings, and stay ahead of the curve. We continue to forge meaningful connections with our audience and aspire to drive penetration of this category even further” said Nadia Chauhan, joint MD, Parle Agro.

Wrapping up

As the TVC unfolds during the IPL season and reaches audiences across national TV channels, OTT platforms, and digital channels, the message of Smoodh’s smoothness and goodness resonates far and wide. With a strategic outdoor presence and displays in key retail stores, Smoodh is poised to become the beverage of choice for families and individuals seeking indulgence with a hint of goodness this summer. Embrace the smoothness of summer with Smoodh and let every sip be a delightful journey into indulgence and goodness.

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