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Starbucks and Disney Unveils Limited-Edition Summer Collection Celebrating Friendship

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Starbucks, the famous coffee destination loved by many, has teamed up with Disney to bring something special your way. This summer, they’re introducing a unique collection of goodies that celebrates friendship and fun. With designs inspired by beloved Disney characters, this collaboration is sure to bring smiles to faces all across India. Let’s take a peek into the delightful world of the Starbucks X Disney limited-edition summer collection, where magic meets coffee cups!

Starbucks X Disney: Celebrating Friendship

At the heart of this captivating collection lies the celebration of friendship, inspired by the beloved Disney universe. From Mickey Mouse to Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, each item in the lineup pays homage to the timeless friendships that have captured the imagination of audiences for generations.

Vibrant Designs and Heartwarming Messages

Infused with vibrant hues and adorned with enchanting Disney characters, the merchandise collection exudes an aura of positivity and warmth. Delightful cut-outs and overlapping layers symbolize the depth of joy that comes from forging meaningful connections, while uplifting quotes evoke feelings of togetherness and camaraderie.

Starbucks and Disney Unveils Limited-Edition Summer Collection Celebrating Friendship

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Starbucks X Disney: Collectible Treasures

Every piece in the Starbucks X Disney summer collection is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re sipping from a stainless-steel Chip and Dale tumbler or staying hydrated with a Donald Duck plastic water bottle, each item invites you to embrace the spirit of friendship in style. Travel kits, Lunch Tote bags, and other lifestyle accessories ensure that the magic of Disney accompanies you wherever you go.

Starbucks and Disney Unveils Limited-Edition Summer Collection Celebrating Friendship

Samuel Fung’s words

“Building on the success of our last collection, we’re thrilled to team up with Disney once again to bring fans a new Starbucks Experience this summer. Rooted in our values of inspiring joyful connections, the latest launch celebrates the magical friendship bonds that uplift the everyday,” said Samuel Fung, vice president, Product and Marketing, Starbucks Asia Pacific. “Just like the perfect blend of coffee and conversation, the new collection aims to bring joy and togetherness to every sip and spark more heartwarming moments with friends and families. We hope this meaningful Starbucks Experience will capture the hearts and minds of fans in the Asia Pacific region and encourage fans to celebrate their bonds with pals and loved ones.”

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Limited-Time Offer

Fans and customers can look forward to sharing a sip of joy with their family and friends from April 16 onwards. Hurry to select Starbucks stores across India to add these enchanting pieces to your collection before they vanish like pixie dust. Apart from India, this new themed collection will be available across 12 markets, including Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


With the launch of their enchanting summer collection, Starbucks and Disney invite you to rediscover the joy of friendship in a whimsical new way. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing beverage or embarking on a new adventure, let the spirit of Mickey and Friends accompany you every step of the way. Embrace the magic, spread the cheer, and celebrate the power of friendship with the Starbucks X Disney limited-edition summer collection.

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