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Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

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In the ever-evolving world of social media, a new breed of influencers has emerged, and they’re not your typical human stars. These furry trendsetters have captured the hearts of millions with their irresistible cuteness and endearing antics. Welcome to the realm of pet influencers in India, where our four-legged companions are taking the digital world by storm.

As social media platforms like Instagram continue to gain popularity, pet owners have found a unique way to share their furry friends’ adorable moments with the world. What started as a hobby has transformed into a thriving industry, with pet influencers amassing massive followings and reshaping marketing strategies.

In India, the rise of pet influencers has been nothing short of remarkable. From the cloud-like charm of Oreo the Golden Retriever to the laid-back mantra of Millie the Lab, these furry celebrities have mastered the art of stealing hearts and leaving an indelible mark on their followers. Let’s explore the top 20 pet influencers in India that are taking the internet by storm.

Top Pet Influencers in India

1. Simba (@simbalovesyouu)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

On a mission to bring smiles to your face, Simba has become one of the best pet influencer accounts on Instagram in India.

With a playful spirit and an adorable presence, Simba, a dog influencer creates fun and heartwarming content, spreading love and positivity, one paw at a time.

2. Doodle (@doodle.thebeagle)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Delightful Doodle the Beagle is a pet influencer whose gentle spirit and endearing presence have made him a “go-to source for heartwarming and adorable moments.”

From collaborating with esteemed brands such as N&D Quinoa and Sivalabel to promoting essential pet dental hygiene brand Furlicks to promoting essential pet dental hygiene, Doodle seamlessly incorporates his cuteness into every venture.

Doodle is on of the best dog influencers in India.

3. Oreo (@oreo_thefluffyboss)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Oreo, the fluffy overlord of a Golden Retriever, has captured the hearts of many with his undeniable charm and adorable antics, as highlighted in Hindustan Times. Known affectionately as the “Living Cloud,” Oreo has soared to fame as one of India’s most beloved pet influencers, captivating audiences with his irresistible humor and cuteness.

Proudly donning the title of “Lick Master,” Oreo embodies playfulness and endearment, enchanting followers with every post on his Instagram feed.

His profile serves as a delightful window into the whimsical world of a furry influencer, capable of brightening even the gloomiest of days.

With features in both the Times of India and Hindustan Times, Oreo continues to ascend the ranks, solidifying his status as one of top pet influencers of India, spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes.

4. Nikki (@nikki_goldenretriever) 

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Nikki, the lovable canine sensation, has pawed her way into the spotlight with her irresistible charm and heartwarming antics. Renowned for her undeniable cuteness, Nikki isn’t just adorable; she’s also the cherished fur baby of her devoted human parents.

What truly distinguishes Nikki is her enviable lifestyle, which includes frequent vacations as a standard, courtesy of her parents’ love for travel. As a proud member of the esteemed #UnitedPawsGroup, Nikki shares her adventures far and wide, spreading joy and winning over hearts with every post.

Through collaborations with esteemed brands like Nimyle, Lizzy’s Delicious, and Dux Nutri Formula, Nikki’s positively delightful presence has firmly established her as one of the India’s top dog influencers in the industry.

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5. Millie (@milllie_the_lab)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Millie, the pawsome pet influencer who has taken social media by storm, lives by the laid-back mantra of “Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat.” This charismatic furball has mastered the art of capturing hearts by embracing the simplicity of a pet’s life.

Millie shares her adorable antics and relatable daily routine, which has not only earned her a massive following but also lucrative partnerships with brands like Pill-ohs. Her undeniable charm has even landed her a coveted feature in Hashtag Magazine, solidifying her status as a noteworthy influencer.

As a proud member of the #UnitedPawsGroup, Millie’s influence extends beyond social media, connecting with a global community of pet lovers. With her irresistible cuteness and heartwarming adorableness, Millie continues to shine brightly, cementing her place as a beloved figure in the ever-expanding world of pet influencers.

6. Joey (@joeythepawsome)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Joey, the charming dog pet influencer of India, invites his followers to peek into his adorable life through his engaging presence on social media. His profile is a delightful journey of a puppy, brimming with heartwarming moments and furry adventures.

As a proud member of the Pawsome Family, Joey’s online persona transcends mere glimpses into pet life; it’s a heartwarming showcase of love and friendship between a doggo and his closest companions. Through the hashtag #petinfluencer, Joey’s feed captures the essence of his playful and lovable nature.

With his irresistibly cute charm, Joey’s feed chronicles moments of joy, love, and daily escapades, fostering a connection with his followers that extends beyond the digital realm of social media.

7. Rocky (@saddakuttarocky)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Rocky stands out as the most awesome pet influencer, embodying pure fun and living a life brimming with joy and excitement.

Through his Instagram account, Rocky’s devoted hooman parents share valuable tips, tricks, and insights into the daily adventures of dog life, serving as a guide to the dos and don’ts of pet parenting. This curated content showcases Rocky’s vibrant personality, setting him apart as a standout in the pet influencer community.

With his engaging posts, Rocky effortlessly transforms ordinary days into fun-filled escapades, proving himself to be not just a pet influencer but also a beacon of inspiration for dog lovers everywhere.

8. Nifty (@niftyinanutshell)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Nifty, the cutest Shih Tzu, stands as one of the top pet influencers in India, captivating audiences with his undeniable charm and engaging content.

This beloved pet influencer has graced the pages of prestigious publications like Hindustan Times and Republic World, solidifying his status as a star in the realm of pet influencers.

Nifty’s profile offers a diverse range of content spanning lifestyle, travel, pet parenting, and even culinary adventures. With a blend of charm and humor, Nifty brings a unique flair to the world of pet influencing.

Through his captivating content, Nifty delivers a fresh perspective on pet-related topics, offering valuable insights into lifestyle choices, travel escapades, essential pet parenting tips, and delightful culinary experiences. As a cherished and adored pet, Nifty continues to captivate audiences with his irresistible charm and engaging presence.

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9. Bubbles (@bubbles_thegoldenretriver)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Meet Bubbles, the fluffy golden retriever whose daily agenda revolves around eating, sleeping, playing, and enduring his human’s endless pranks with good humor. With his captivating gaze and charming demeanor, Bubbles effortlessly captures everyone’s attention.

This food-loving pup is always on the lookout for new treats and delights to satisfy his appetite. His owner, Prassana, created his Instagram account to spread the joy that Bubbles brings every day, hoping to bring smiles to others’ faces as well.

Beyond just being an adorable dog influencer on Instagram, Bubbles and Prassana also serve as educators, offering hands-on pet parenting tips and tricks to their fellow pet parents, enriching the lives of both Bubbles and his followers alike.

10. Poppins (@triplesundae)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Poppins, the spirited pet influencer who leads a life three times as fun alongside his two laid-back companions. With a diverse range of content, Poppins’ social media presence is brimming with excitement, particularly featuring mouthwatering pet food recipes that highlight the excellent care provided by his pet parents.

Poppins delights his followers with a plethora of laughter-inducing videos, ranging from funny memes to heartwarming moments. Additionally, he takes his audience on a virtual journey through pet travel, having explored an impressive 12 states. With his engaging and entertaining content, Poppins has carved out a prominent place for himself on social media, emerging as a beloved pet Instagram account in India.

11. LITTLEPAWS (@thelittllepaws_)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

In India’s pet influencers realm, LITTLEPAWS⚡️ reigns supreme as one of the best. With their endearing Persian cat family and relatable reels, they have won the hearts of audiences nationwide.

Their extensive brand collaborations and captivating content establish them as a top choice for pet lovers seeking adorable and entertaining content.

With over 200 brand collaborations, their influence and impact continue to grow, solidifying their position as leaders in the pet influencer community.

12. Whiskey Jayaswal (@iamwhiskey_thenaughtycat)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Introducing Whiskey Jayaswal, a prominent figure in the realm of animals and pets. Managed by the esteemed team of @iamleanbeast_india and @iambhartichoudhary, Whiskey Jayaswal stands out as one of the best pet influencers in India. With captivating content and a strong online presence, Whiskey Jayaswal delights audiences with heartwarming moments and valuable insights into pet care. Follow along for a glimpse into the wonderful world of pets through the eyes of Whiskey Jayaswal.

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13. Kiwi – miumiu (@kiwi_miumiu)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Meet Kiwi – Miumiu, the sassy feline artist who’s taking the internet by storm! With 392 posts and a devoted following of 20.4K fans, Kiwi – Miumiu is the ultimate trendsetter in the world of cat influencers. Handled by the talented team @moshimoshi_moments, Kiwi – Miumiu brings sass and style to every post. With a bio that proudly proclaims “I am the sassiest cat in town!”, this feline sensation has garnered an impressive 4 million views with their reels and memes. Follow Kiwi – Miumiu for a purrfect blend of creativity, humor, and feline charm!

14. Wheels and Tails (@wheelsandtails)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Wheels and Tails is dedicated to the adventurous spirit of exploring the world alongside your furry best friend. This account showcases breathtaking pictures and videos of the account owner and her dog embarking on journeys to exotic destinations across the globe.

Whether it’s hiking through majestic mountains or lounging on sandy shores, Wheels and Tails epitomizes the joy of embracing life to the fullest with your four-legged companion by your side. If this isn’t animal love personified, then what is?

15. Plowy The Cat (@plowythecat)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Plowy, the adorable and endearing feline sensation, has stolen the hearts of thousands of Instagram followers with his charming personality and delightful pictures. This witty and playful cat, with his quirky antics and lovable demeanor, brings joy to all who follow him. His Instagram feed is a treasure trove of photos and videos that perfectly capture his unique charm, from striking poses for the camera to cuddling with his humans.

His posts are not just about cute pictures; they are accompanied by witty captions and hilarious memes that never fail to bring a smile to his followers’ faces. Plowy’s ability to combine humor with cuteness has made him a beloved favorite among pet influencers, solidifying his status as a top pet influencer in India.

16. The Himalayan Husky (@the_himalayan_husky)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Meet the Himalayan Husky, affectionately known as “Himmy” by his devoted followers. With his striking blue eyes and majestic presence, Himmy originates from the Himalayan region of India, adding an exotic allure to his already captivating persona. Himmy’s Instagram feed is a captivating blend of breathtaking mountain vistas, heartwarming cuddles with his humans, and thrilling escapades in the great outdoors. One glance at his feed is all it takes to fall under his spell!

From flashing his charming smile to frolicking with his beloved toys, Himmy embodies the essence of a true pet influencer. Beyond his undeniable appeal, Himmy serves as a therapy dog, spreading joy and love to his owner and all those around him. With his endearing personality and magnetic presence, this munchkin steals the spotlight wherever he goes, truly deserving the title of the star of every show!

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17. POSTO (@postothezippypuppy)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Introducing POSTO, the beloved dog influencer and video creator hailing from India! With a wagging tail and endless enthusiasm, POSTO shares his heartwarming stories with his devoted followers. Managed by MA @tiuhazra, this paw-fessional dog model dazzles with his captivating reels, offering a glimpse into his charming world.

Based in Bangalore, POSTO, one of the top dog influencers in India is ready to steal your heart with his adorable antics and irresistible charm.

18. Meenu (@meenu_the_cat)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Meet Meenu, the beloved pet influencer from Mumbai, India! With over 1,002 posts and a dedicated following of 17.6K fans, Meenu is a prolific video creator who spreads joy and happiness with every upload.

Born on November 16th, 2015, Meenu is on a mission to brighten the world with her charming presence. As a cat influencer, she captures the hearts of her followers with her adorable antics and endearing personality.

19. Maffu (@thepawsomelifeofmurphy)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Meet Maffu 🐶, the golden retriever guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! With 709 posts and 143K followers, Maffu is a top pet influencer in India, currently residing in Bengaluru after starting life in Mumbai. Alongside his pet parents, Maffu shares his joyous adventures, showcasing pet-friendly staycations and the fun-filled moments of his life. Their goal is simple: to spread happiness and share the joy Maffu brings to their followers. Join Maffu on his journey and let his infectious positivity brighten your day!

20. Pablo | The Golden Child (@golden_pabloescobark)

Top 20 Pet Influencers in India

Introducing Pablo, The Golden Child 🐶, a digital creator with a penchant for all things golden and green! Based in Hyderabad, India 🇮🇳, Pablo is a travel enthusiast and a dedicated cafe lover, exploring the world one adventure at a time.

Managed by Momma @stuti.p.singh and Pawpaw @parthprtm, Pablo’s Instagram feed is a delightful blend of his joyful escapades and love for healthy greens. Born on March 15th, Pablo invites you to join him on his journey as he spreads love and positivity wherever he goes

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As the pet care industry continues to expand, pet influencers in India have become invaluable assets for brands looking to connect with their target audience authentically. These furry ambassadors not only entertain and inspire but also serve as influential endorsers for pet-related products and services.

By leveraging the trust and affinity that pet influencers have built with their followers, brands can effectively reach their desired audience, foster engagement, and ultimately influence purchasing decisions. Embrace the pawsome power of these furry trendsetters and unlock a world of limitless possibilities for your brand in the realm of influencer marketing.


Q1. Who is the most popular dog influencer?

Among the top pet influencers in India, Oreo (@oreo_thefluffyboss), the fluffy boss of a Golden Retriever, stands out as one of the most popular dog influencers. Featured in renowned publications like Hindustan Times, Oreo’s irresistible charm and cloud-like appearance have garnered him a massive following and the title of “Living Cloud.”

Q2. Who is a pet influencer?

A pet influencer is a social media personality who has amassed a significant following by sharing content featuring their pet’s daily life, antics, and adventures. These furry trendsetters leverage their cuteness and endearing personalities to connect with audiences, promote brands, and influence purchasing decisions within the pet industry.

Q3. Who is the most famous pet on Instagram?

While there are many popular pet influencers on Instagram, some of the most famous include Doug the Pug, Jiff the Pomeranian, and Nala Cat. However, the “most famous” title can be subjective, as popularity and following can vary across different regions and niches.

Q4. Who is the No 1 pet YouTuber in the world?

Determining the absolute #1 pet YouTuber is tricky because no single metric reigns supreme. Here’s what we can consider:

  • Subscribers: Channels like That Little Puff currently lead in subscriber count, but content might cater more to general animal videos.
  • Views: High view counts indicate consistent engagement, but some channels might have a single viral video inflating the numbers.
  • Engagement: Looking at likes, comments, and shares can show a more active audience.

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