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99acres Redefines Home Hunting with #KabTakPuchoge Campaign

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99acres has launched an innovative advertising campaign#KabTakPuchoge campaign, led by a catchy jingle-based film. It aims to revolutionize the traditional approach to house hunting by positioning 99acres as the ultimate one-stop solution for all home buying needs.

99acres: #KabTakPuchoge Campaign

The #KabTakPuchoge campaign takes a bold stance against the conventional method of house hunting, shedding light on the myriad questions and challenges that often plague prospective buyers. It highlights the struggles faced by individuals trying to gather accurate information, making the home search journey an arduous task. In response to these challenges, 99acres promises to bring an end to the relentless search by offering a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

The Promise of a One-Stop Solution

The heart of the campaign lies in 99acres’ commitment to being a one-stop solution for all home buying needs. The ad film showcases the platform’s unique features, including a vast array of options, the latest amenities, and precise price insights. By amalgamating these elements, 99acres positions itself as the go-to destination for those seeking a seamless and informed home buying experience.

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Conceptualization by Rediffusion Brand Solutions

The creative minds at Rediffusion Brand Solutions played a pivotal role in conceptualizing the #KabTakPuchoge campaign. As part of the 360-degree marketing strategy, the ad films were strategically launched across various platforms, including TV, CTV, OTT, and YouTube. A significant emphasis was placed on reaching regional audiences, with vernacular versions of the films and a robust presence in regional media.

Sumeet Singh’s Insights

Speaking about the campaign, Sumeet Singh, chief marketing officer, Info Edge, said, “At 99acres, we are redefining the entire home search experience by empowering users with information. A lot of hyperlocal insights on the product enable us to offer a rich perspective to users for finding the right property. The campaign #KabTakPuchoge contrasts the daunting traditional search process with the effortless and informed choice one can make on 99acres.”

Pramod Sharma’s views

Pramod Sharma, national creative director, Rediffusion Brand Solutions, said, “Through these new films, we wanted to reinforce the fact that when it comes to buying a home, look no further than 99acres. The journey of buying a home always starts from asking people around you. This is the insight we latched on to for these films. We also created a jingle to give the campaign a musical identity that is memorable.”

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Wrapping up: 99acres’ #KabTakPuchoge

So, 99acres’ #KabTakPuchoge campaign stands as a testament to innovation in the real estate sector. By addressing the pain points of traditional house hunting and offering a comprehensive, user-friendly solution, 99acres positions itself as a disruptor in the industry. As the campaign continues to unfold across various media channels, it is poised to leave a lasting impression on prospective homebuyers, urging them to look no further than the revolutionary offerings of 99acres.

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