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Ayushmann Khurrana Rocks Affordable Fashion in Shopsy’s ‘Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya?’ Campaign

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Shopsy by Flipkart, renowned for its hyper-value e-commerce platform, has taken a bold step in the world of affordable men’s fashion. The latest campaign, titled ‘Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya?’, starring the charismatic Ayushmann Khurrana, introduces a fresh perspective to the brand’s ethos. With this move, Shopsy seeks to captivate a younger male audience, aged 25 and above, who are on the lookout for trendy yet budget-friendly clothing options.

Catering To The Fashion-conscious Yet Budget-Savvy

Madhuvanthi Ananth, the Head of Marketing and Growth at Shopsy, emphasized that while fashion is a hot topic, the discussion often sidesteps the realm of affordable choices, especially for men. She said, “This time around, we are engaging with a younger male audience (25 and above), who predominantly shop for fashion essentials like T-shirts, shoes and shirts from us.”

This campaign aims to bridge that gap and provide stylish solutions at economical prices. Shopsy’s expansion into this new territory demonstrates their commitment to addressing the needs of value-seeking consumers without compromising on style.

Shopsy: Understanding the Validation Dynamics

The campaign’s foundation is rooted in deep consumer insights. Conversations with customers revealed distinct validation preferences between genders. Women often find happiness in validation, while men, particularly the younger demographic, seek validation for their style and smart spending choices. Shopsy’s campaign takes this nuanced understanding to the forefront.

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The Creative Concept of ‘Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya?’

The campaign is created and conceptualized by Talented, and reinforces Shopsy’s commitment to fulfilling the value-seeking consumers’ dream of buying fashionable products within their budget.

The TVC unfolds with a young woman engaged in a conversation with her aunt at a bus stop. Enter Ayushmann Khurrana, exuding his signature style. While the woman is mesmerized by Khurrana’s chic appearance, her aunt dismisses it, suggesting that he must have splurged a month’s salary to look so fashionable. Khurrana intervenes, revealing that he acquired his stylish shoes for a mere Rs 50 through the Shopsy app. The aunt’s incredulity is palpable. Khurrana points to a gigantic phone prop, underscoring Shopsy’s array of value-based deals on shoes, shirts, sarees, and kurtis. The TVC concludes with the aunt still in awe of the prices, and Khurrana playfully offering her a glass of water to calm her astonishment.

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Ayushmann Khurrana: Bridging the Gap

“Based on the deep understanding of our customers, Shopsy’s new campaign communicates that style and affordability can go hand in hand. By partnering with Khurrana, one of Bollywood’s most celebrated stars, we aim to further strengthen our commitment to provide budget-friendly styles and variety,” Ananth shares.

Last year, the brand had unveiled a TVC for the ‘Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya?’ campaign, featuring Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan. The TVC was built on the insight that in Indian families, parents tend to get annoyed when their children spend a lot of money on shopping. The campaign showed how online shopping on Shopsy is affordable and can actually give you better value across multiple categories such as kurtis, sarees, watches, etc.

Khurrana’s involvement in the campaign reflects Shopsy’s desire to connect with its male audience through a relatable male protagonist. His charm and credibility add authenticity to the campaign’s messaging, reinforcing Shopsy’s commitment to providing budget-friendly styles and variety.

A Lyrical Experiment In ‘Aaj Shopsy Kiya Kya?’

Setting this campaign apart is its lyrical tone, adding a dash of novelty to Shopsy’s signature quirk and humor. This creative twist aims to captivate the audience’s attention in a unique way, drawing them into the narrative.

1. Shopsy’s Approach To Pricing

Shopsy’s pricing strategy is designed to cater to various customer segments. Products priced at Rs 25 and Rs 50 are targeted towards first-time users, aiming to lower barriers for entry and build trust. The brand’s average selling price remains around Rs 200, ensuring a balance between affordability and quality.

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2. Celebrating Tier-II/III Success

Shoppers from Tier-II and III regions play a pivotal role for Shopsy. The platform’s two-year milestone of delivering value to these regions boasts over 200 million app downloads. The recent ‘Mega Anniversary Sale’ witnessed impressive growth, with sarees, men’s T-shirts, and kurtis emerging as top-shopped products.

3. Empowering Diverse Customer Needs

Shopsy’s success goes beyond demographics. The brand acknowledges the diverse needs of its customers, understanding that men prioritize fashion and smart spending, while women seek value for their families. Shopsy’s versatility caters to this intricate landscape, resonating with a broad spectrum of requirements.

4. The Driving Forces

Shopsy’s journey is fueled by an array of factors, including an expansive product range spanning attractive price bands. Backed by the trusted Flipkart brand, innovative features like voice and image search, vernacular interfaces, and AI-driven chatbots ensure a seamless and customer-friendly experience.


Shopsy’s latest campaign, starring Ayushmann Khurrana, marks an exciting leap into the realm of affordable men’s fashion. With a unique blend of style and budget-friendliness, Shopsy aims to empower value-conscious consumers without compromising on quality. By aligning itself with the needs of its customers, Shopsy continues to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape, offering fashion and practicality in harmony.

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