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A World Down Syndrome Day Ad That Defies Stereotypes

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This World Down Syndrome Day, a powerful ad campaign titled “Assume I Can” is taking social media by storm. Created by Small, a New York-based agency, in collaboration with the Italian NGO CoorDown and the National Down Syndrome Society, the ad tackles negative assumptions people often make about Down syndrome.

World Down Syndrome Day Ad- Breaking Down Barriers with Madison Tevlin

The film features actress and model Madison Tevlin, who challenges these stereotypes head-on. We see her navigate various scenarios where people underestimate her capabilities. A scene with a hesitant bartender refusing her a margarita exemplifies the assumption that individuals with Down syndrome can’t enjoy the same experiences as others.

Unintentional Hindrances: The Power of Expectations

Tevlin’s voice cuts through these scenes, delivering a powerful message: “Parents might believe a child can’t navigate life independently. So, they unintentionally deter them from trying. Consequently, they remain reliant.” This highlights the impact of low expectations, where even well-meaning actions can limit potential.

Shattering Limitations Across All Aspects of Life

The ad goes beyond social interactions. We see Tevlin push back against a boxing coach who doubts her strength and a teacher who doesn’t believe she can learn Shakespeare. Tevlin delivers a strong line that resonates throughout the campaign: “You assume that I can’t learn Shakespeare. So, you don’t teach me Shakespeare. So, I don’t learn Shakespeare.” This emphasizes how assumptions can become self-fulfilling prophecies, hindering opportunities for growth.

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“Assume I Can” Empowering Change Through Positive Assumptions

The ad reaches a climax with Tevlin’s defiant statement: “If your assumptions become reality, then assume that I can drink a margarita.” This powerful call to action urges viewers to adopt a positive lens. As the agency aptly states in their social media caption: “Why not reverse our perspectives? If we have positive assumptions about people with Down syndrome, we’ll give them more opportunities in their schools, workplaces, relationships and activities.”

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A United Voice for Inclusion

The ad concludes with a powerful image: a group of individuals with Down syndrome standing together, their gazes unwavering. This visual emphasizes unity and strength. The campaign tagline, “Assume that I can, and maybe we will,” leaves a lasting impression, urging a shift in societal mindset.

#OfCourse: Sharing Authentic Stories

This campaign is part of a larger movement using the hashtag #OfCourse. This initiative aims to amplify the voices of individuals with Down syndrome and their families by showcasing authentic narratives. By shedding light on their diverse experiences and triumphs, the campaign seeks to dismantle pervasive stereotypes and create a more inclusive world.

Wrapping up

World Down Syndrome Day is a chance to celebrate the incredible abilities and potential of individuals with Down syndrome. By challenging assumptions and fostering positive perspectives, we can create a world of opportunity for everyone. Share this message, use the #OfCourse hashtag, and be a part of the movement for a more inclusive future.

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