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Asian Paints Unveils Kerala-Inspired Apex Ultima Protek Campaign

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In a vibrant tribute to Kerala’s rich heritage and cultural diversity, Asian Paints has unveiled a special edition packaging and a promotional film for its luxury exterior paint range, Apex Ultima Protek. The initiative aims to capture the essence of “God’s Own Country” by showcasing the state’s unique rituals, traditions, and landscapes on the packaging, accompanied by a delightful ad film that takes viewers on a journey through Kerala’s cultural marvels.

Asian Paints- The Heritage-Inspired Packaging

Asian Paints Unveils Kerala-Inspired Apex Ultima Protek Campaign

The newly launched packaging of Apex Ultima Protek draws inspiration from Kerala’s vibrant heritage, featuring illustrations of traditional dance forms such as the Pulikali tiger dance and Kathakali. It also highlights historical festivals like Paripally Gajamela and iconic landscapes such as the serene backwaters and houseboats. Additionally, the packaging showcases symbols of Kerala’s identity, including the therapeutic Ayurvedic massage, the sumptuous Sadya feast, and the renowned Thayambaka orchestra. This visually stunning representation pays homage to the state’s cultural richness, creating a unique connection between the product and the people of Kerala.

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The Promotional Film of Asian Paints Ultima Protek

Complementing the limited edition packaging is a delightful ad film that immerses viewers in the cultural heritage of Kerala. The film encapsulates the spirit of the region, aptly known as “God’s Own Country,” in every brushstroke, creating a deep and emotional connection with the audience. By featuring the diverse cultural elements of Kerala, the film pays tribute to the state’s splendid beauty and diversity.

Amit Syngle’s Perspective

Speaking on the launch of the limited edition pack and ad film, Amit Syngle, CEO and MD, Asian Paints Limited said, “Kerala holds a special place in our hearts, not only for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its deeply rooted cultural heritage. The region’s unique and extreme climate, marked by year-long monsoons, is also an integral part of Kerala’s identity, which we factor into all our products. Apex Ultima Protek, a paint tailored for the Kerala’s weather, has received tremendous acceptance from our consumers in the state. With this special edition packaging of Apex Ultima Protek, we aim to honour and celebrate Kerala’s splendid beauty and diversity while offering our customers a product that not only protects their homes but also reflects their pride in their cultural heritage.”

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Asian Paints’ Kerala-focused campaign for Apex Ultima Protek is not just about offering a product tailored to the region’s weather conditions; it is a celebration of Kerala’s cultural marvels. The limited edition packaging and ad film serve as a testament to the brand’s commitment to acknowledging and embracing the cultural identity of the regions it serves. As homeowners in Kerala protect their homes with Apex Ultima Protek, they can also take pride in showcasing their cultural heritage through this beautifully designed packaging.

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