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Boomer Partners With Japsrit Bumrah for ‘Har Pal Fun Kar’ campaign

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Mars Wrigley India’s iconic bubblegum brand, Boomer, is back with a revolutionary new product: Boomer Jelly on Top. This exciting variant combines the classic gum taste with the delightful surprise of a jelly center, offering a whole new way to experience chewing fun.

Staying true to its motto of “Har Pal Fun Kar” (Making Every Moment Fun), Boomer introduces this innovative treat with a beloved fruity strawberry flavor. With every chew, you get a burst of fruity goodness and the playful texture of the jelly, making it a truly delightful experience.

Jasprit Bumrah Joins the Boomer Fun

To celebrate the launch, Boomer has unveiled a fun-filled TVC featuring India’s star pacer, Jasprit Bumrah. The commercial promises a delightful showcase of flavor and fun, perfectly embodying the brand’s promise of joy in every chew.

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Creative Concept by DDB Tribal

The TVC, conceptualized by DDB Tribal, cleverly captures the essence of Boomer Jelly on Top. It highlights the playful jelly center seamlessly blending with the soft gum, all while showcasing Bumrah turning a challenging situation into a moment of joy with the help of the innovative gum.

Transparent Packaging and Multimedia Campaign

Boomer Jelly on Top boasts a visually appealing and irresistible transparent packaging that lets you see the exciting combination of jelly and gum inside. This innovative product is sure to grab attention on store shelves.

The launch is supported by a multimedia campaign featuring the ever-popular “Boom Boom” Bumrah. As the brand’s ambassador, Bumrah embodies the playful spirit of Boomer in the “Har Pal Fun Kar” campaign. Here, we see him showcasing his skills on a local cricket pitch, using the playful nature of Boomer Jelly on Top to overcome a tricky situation.

Nikhil Rao’s views

Nikhil Rao, chief marketing officer at Mars Wrigley India, expressed his excitement about the new launch, stating, “Since its launch 30 years ago, Boomer has become synonymous with Bubblegum and Fun. Boomer Jelly on Top is testimony of the same. This exciting new offering brings together the best of both worlds in a distinctive offering. We are leveraging this distinctive innovation to widen the price pack architecture of the bubblegum market to Rs 2/-. The launch will be supported by a multimedia campaign featuring none other than Boom Boom (Jasprit) Bumrah.”

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Iraj Fraz’s views

Iraj Fraz, creative head, DDB Tribal said, “Our favourite, Boomer is out in a Jelly Bubblegum avatar that’s sure to make everyone say ‘yes’ to fun. In this edition of the brand’s ‘Har Pal Fun Kar’ campaign, we find Boom-Boom-Bumrah, Boomer’s endorser-in-chief on a gully cricket pitch, tricking the opponent just as he’s known to outsmart the world’s best batters.”

Boomer: A Deliciously Fun Addition to Households Across India

Boomer Jelly on Top is all set to hit store shelves nationwide, offering consumers a unique and enjoyable way to experience their favorite bubblegum. This innovative combination of flavors and textures promises to become a household staple, bringing smiles and moments of enjoyment with every chew.

The TVC will be available in eight languages – Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Assamese – ensuring it reaches a wide audience across India. It will be aired on television and also be available on digital platforms for maximum reach.

Boomer X Jasprit Bumrah- Bringing Smiles to Every Chew

With its innovative combination of flavors and textures, Boomer Jelly on Top aims to become a staple in households across India, bringing smiles and moments of enjoyment to every chew. Say yes to fun with Boomer Jelly on Top – the ultimate fusion of fun and flavor!

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