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Get to know “Whats on Badshah Daylist” in Spotify new campaign

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As part of Spotify campaign, the music streaming platform collaborated with Indian singer-rapper Badshah to unveil a film showcasing his ‘daylist’, inspired by popular ‘A Day In The Life Of…’ YouTube videos.

All About Badshah Spotify Campaign

Introduction of Spotify-Badshah Collaboration:

Spotify and Indian artist Badshah revealed a film showcasing his personalized ‘daylist’, inspired by popular ‘A Day In The Life Of…’ YouTube videos.

Description of the Ad Spot:

The ad depicts Badshah’s day through Spotify’s created playlists. It starts with his casual meal, evolving into different music genres reflecting various moods and times of the day.

Overview of Daylist Feature:

Spotify introduced Daylist in September 2023, initially available in select countries. Now accessible globally, it offers personalized playlists based on users’ listening habits, updating daily.

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Functionality of Daylist:

Daylist analyzes users’ music preferences to curate playlists tailored to different times and days. Each playlist is unique, reflecting individual tastes and evolving throughout the day.

Spotify’s Description of Daylist:

Spotify describes Daylist as a dynamic playlist that aligns with users’ vibes throughout the day, integrating niche genres and microgenres for a personalized listening experience.


In conclusion, Spotify’s collaboration with Badshah showcases the innovative Daylist feature, revolutionizing personalized music experiences. With playlists curated to align with users’ moods and moments throughout the day, Spotify continues to pioneer tailored music discovery, fostering deeper connections between listeners and artists worldwide.

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