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Crocs features Vedang Raina and Rasha Thadani in their Holi Campaign

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Crocs, the renowned global footwear brand, is embracing the vibrant essence of Holi with its latest campaign featuring Vedang Raina and Rasha Thadani as brand ambassadors. The campaign embodies the #ComeAsYouAre ethos, celebrating individuality and self-expression alongside the communal joy of Holi. With its iconic Classic Clog and customizable Jibbitz™ charms, Crocs serves as the perfect canvas for this festive expression, capturing the spirit of togetherness and jubilation that defines the festival.

Crocs Holi campaign featuring Vedang Raina and Rasha Thadani


Crocs, the globally recognized footwear brand celebrated for its unparalleled comfort and style, has achieved a significant milestone with the launch of its thematic Holi campaign in India. Featuring brand ambassadors Vedang Raina and Rasha Thadani, the campaign captures the essence of #ComeAsYouAre, blending individuality and self-expression with the communal joy of Holi—a festival synonymous with unity and happiness. Crocs’ iconic Classic Clog and Jibbitz™ charms serve as the canvas for this celebration, embodying the very spirit of the festival.

Campaign Film Description:

Produced by Supari Studios, the campaign film stars Vedang and Rasha immersed in a spirited Holi celebration. From playful excitement to impromptu dance-offs, the film seamlessly showcases Crocs’ functionality and style as the ideal festival accessory. Amidst a vibrant montage featuring thandai, jalebis, and festive revelry, the video culminates with Crocs adorned in Holi colors, symbolizing the aftermath, as Rasha, Vedang, and friends unwind.

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Brand’s Commitment:

Crocs’ inaugural Indian Holi campaign underscores the brand’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its cultural resonance in the country. By embracing festivals like Holi and celebrating the diverse expressions of joy and togetherness, Crocs continues to strengthen its connection with Indian consumers, affirming its dedication to being more than just a footwear brand.

What do experts have to say about this campaign ?

 Sumit Dhingra

Commenting on the vision behind Crocs’ new campaign, Sumit Dhingra, Vice President and General Manager, India, Middle East and Africa, Crocs, said, “We are elated to launch our latest thematic campaign amidst the vibrant festivities of Holi. Holi, being deeply cherished by Indians, embodies the values of colour, vibrancy, and togetherness, perfectly aligning with Crocs’ ethos. Our campaign, with Vedang Raina and Rasha Thadani, is an integral part of creating a connection to our consumers in India and we sincerely hope it strikes a chord with those who believe in self-expression and painting their own canvases with joy.” 

Adding on, Vedang Raina said about this bright new venture, “Shooting the campaign was an absolute delight and brought in a strong sense of nostalgia for both Rasha and me. I think what’s so special about it is both Holi and Crocs are harmonious in the values of celebration, togetherness and liveliness. The ideologies go hand in glove with each other and I hope the fun we had on set, translates into happiness for the viewers.”

Vedang Raina
Rasha Thadani 

Rasha Thadani too expressed her excitement around the film, saying, “Holi has always been close to my heart for many reasons and the memories associated with it are always joyful. Being on set for this video has been both a personal and professional joy. Vedang and I had an absolute blast and it felt like I had gone back to my childhood, especially with the Jibbitz, it felt like I was a 5-year-old in candyland. I am elated that the campaign is finally out for audiences to see, and I hope it reaches the hearts and minds.” 

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Agency – Supari Studios
CCO –  Akshat Gupt
Director – Bijoy Shetty
Performed & Composed by – Sanjith Hegde
Label –  Warner Music India
Lyricist – Shiny Das & Sanjith Hedge
VP – Mitali Sharma
ACD – Sakshi Bhasin
Producer – Vama Sakariya
EP – Vinay Ved Gandhi
Post Producer – Aakash Jain


In conclusion, Crocs’ vibrant Holi campaign, featuring Vedang Raina and Rasha Thadani as brand ambassadors, epitomizes the essence of #ComeAsYouAre by celebrating individuality and self-expression amidst the collective jubilation of Holi. With its iconic Classic Clog and Jibbitz™ charms serving as the perfect canvas for this festive expression, Crocs not only showcases its unparalleled comfort and style but also reaffirms its commitment to embracing cultural celebrations and fostering unity and joy among its diverse audience in India.

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