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Durex new campaign invites couples to rekindle the fire of romance

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Durex introduces the #ExplorersWanted campaign, highlighting a selection of Durex Lubes. The initiative aims to rekindle intimacy in couples by creating anticipation around enigmatic destinations, only to reveal that these alluring places are, in reality, the curves and features of their partner’s body.

Durex campaign ignites fire romance among

Campaign Introduction

Durex unveils its #ExplorersWanted initiative, showcasing a variety of Durex Lubes. The campaign aims to reignite intimacy among couples by generating excitement around mysterious destinations, only to reveal that these captivating places are, in reality, the contours and landscapes of their partner’s body.

Consumer Insights

Durex’s research indicates that couples are fatigued by predictable sexual routines, where intimacy loses its spark, turning into a mundane obligation rather than a fulfilling expression of love and desire.

Campaign Message

Through the #ExplorersWanted campaign, Durex encourages couples to embrace and explore each other’s bodies during foreplay, aiming to enhance the overall satisfaction of their encounters. Durex aims to revive passion and deepen intimacy in the bedroom, inviting couples to engage with their partners more intimately for a more gratifying experience.

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Film Description

Directed by Anna Joseph, the campaign’s film ingeniously transforms the human body into a canvas of captivating landscapes. Each body part becomes a hidden destination awaiting exploration by couples. From “Nape Town” to “SydKnee,” “Chest Republic,” “Thighland,” and “KyoToe,” the film weaves a seductive narrative. Lubricant flows through these metaphorical locations, inviting viewers on an intimate journey. The film concludes with a provocative question: “Where will you go tonight?”

Influencer Campaign

Durex partnered with influencers such as @bruisedpassports, @Unplannedby, and @the.vogue.vanity to amplify the visibility of the campaign. Through their Instagram presence, these influencers piqued the curiosity of their followers by teasing a “secret destination” and encouraged them to stay tuned for updates on their travels.

1. Unplanned by

2. @bruisedpassports

3. @the.vogue.vanity

Creative Revelation

In a unique twist, the mystery locations were revealed to be the bodies of their partners, highlighting themes of intimacy and exploration. This creative approach aimed to deepen the connection between couples and underscored the campaign’s message.

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As the campaign draws to a close, the collaboration with influencers has successfully heightened visibility and engagement. Through their Instagram platforms, influencers have sparked anticipation and curiosity, leading followers on a journey of discovery. By creatively revealing that the mystery locations are their partner’s bodies, the campaign has emphasized intimacy and connection. As influencers share their personal experiences and reviews, they provide an authentic glimpse into the profound impact of Durex Lubes on relationships, reinforcing the campaign’s message of exploration and intimacy.

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