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Alia Bhatt says ‘Take it Lightly’ in Cadbury Perk latest campaign

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Mondelez India introduces another campaign featuring Alia Bhatt for Cadbury Perk. The TV ad promotes embracing life’s challenges with a carefree spirit, echoing the motto ‘Take it lightly’.

Alia Bhatt in Cadbury Perk latest campaign?

Mondelez India’s Cadbury Perk launches another campaign starring Alia Bhatt. The TV commercial urges viewers to tackle life’s challenges with a cheerful demeanor, echoing the ethos of ‘Take it lightly’.

Brand Purpose and Campaign Theme:

In a world often marred by minor stresses and uncertainties, Cadbury Perk champions positivity and lightheartedness. Building on its brand purpose of ‘Take It Lightly’, the latest campaign aims to inspire individuals to confront life’s complexities with humor and optimism.

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Campaign Narrative and Audience Engagement:

Through captivating storytelling, Cadbury Perk endeavors to connect with its audience, encouraging them to face life’s twists and turns with a smile and a Perk in hand.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Nitin Saini

Speaking about this, Nitin Saini, VP- marketing, Mondelez India, said, “Since its inception, Cadbury Perk has been rooted in the youth culture owing to its fun persona and lighthearted narrative. Continuing this legacy, our new film showcases how a simple change in attitude can make a big difference in positively navigating life’s twists and turns. We believe this campaign will resonate with young consumers who live life with the same vivacity as personified by our brand ambassador Alia Bhatt, inspiring them to embrace a lighter and more joyful approach to everyday challenges.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Alia Bhatt expressed her excitement, saying, “I have always been a fan of Cadbury Perk as I deeply resonate with their belief to ease through life’s small disappointments with humor and optimism. This long partnership has been an absolute delight!”

Alia Bhatt
Sukesh Nayak

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India said “We are very excited to create a new film for Cadbury Perk. This brand stands for the need of the hour – to take things lightly. There are everyday niggles that take over the best of us, dampening our mood. Perk with its light chocolate format helps us overcome such moments in life by making our mood lighter. We had fun collaborating with Alia Bhatt and Prasoon Pandey on this project, both known for always taking things lightly.”

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In a world where challenges abound, Cadbury Perk’s latest campaign, featuring Alia Bhatt, serves as a beacon of positivity and humor. With the mantra ‘Take it lightly’ at its core, the brand invites individuals to embrace life’s ups and downs with a cheerful attitude and a Perk in hand, fostering a culture of resilience and joy.

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