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Harpic Joins Forces with Akshay Kumar for their new campaign

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In the realm of toilet and floor cleaners, it’s routine for brands to flaunt BOGO (buy one get one) promotions at reduced rates. Equally prevalent is the trend of brands mimicking Harpic’s aesthetic to lure consumers. In a fresh campaign, Harpic is throwing shade at rivals who provide lower-priced offers while imitating its packaging and design. Akshay Kumar, the brand’s ambassador, is effectively delivering this message.

Harpic features Akshay Kumar in their new campaign

In the realm of toilet and floor cleaners, it’s commonplace to witness brands enticing consumers with BOGO (buy one get one) promotions and discounted rates. Similarly, many brands mimic Harpic’s branding to attract customers.

Ad Film Description:

In a recent advertisement, Harpic takes aim at competitors who offer lower-priced imitations of the brand. Akshay Kumar, Harpic’s ambassador, delivers the message. The ad portrays a woman encountering a duplicate Akshay Kumar at her door, paralleling the imitation of both the celebrity and the brand. Akshay Kumar refutes the competing brand’s offer of a free bottle, arguing that duplicates require more product for effective cleaning.

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Akshay Kumar’s Association:

Akshay Kumar has been Harpic’s brand ambassador since 2018, starring in multiple campaigns. Recently, he promoted the new “Harpic 10x Max Clean” with a revamped formula, showcasing his confidence in the brand.

Industry Landscape:

Competitors often imitate Harpic to leverage its market dominance, despite ethical concerns. Harpic holds a significant lead in India’s toilet cleaner market, with a reported 77% share compared to Domex’s 7%.

Legal Battle:

Harpic clashed with HUL’s Domex over a controversial ad deemed comparative advertising. The Delhi High Court ruled in favor of Harpic, restraining Domex from airing the contentious commercial. The dispute centered on Harpic’s claim of unfair disparagement in Domex’s advertisement. Initially denied by a single judge, Harpic sought recourse from the High Court.

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In conclusion, Harpic latest ad campaign, featuring Akshay Kumar, sheds light on the pervasive issue of brand impersonation and price-driven competition in the toilet cleaner market. Through clever messaging and legal battles, Harpic asserts its dominance and commitment to quality. As the brand continues to innovate and defend its position, it sends a clear message to competitors: imitation may be common, but superiority is unmistakable.

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