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How Samsung Service India Campaign Won Hearts Globally

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Samsung India’s Customer Service campaign has made a profound impact, reaching a staggering 100 million views on YouTube within seven weeks of its launch. The #SamsungService campaign, titled ‘We’ll Take Care of You, Wherever You Are,’ highlights Samsung’s commitment to bringing customer service directly to consumers in remote areas of the country, solidifying its place in the record books.

Samsung Service India Emotional Campaign

Campaign Impact and Virality:

Samsung India’s Customer Service campaign has achieved remarkable success, garnering over 100 million views on YouTube within just seven weeks of its launch. The campaign film, titled ‘We’ll Take Care of You, Wherever You Are,’ became viral shortly after its release on December 30, 2016, accumulating nearly 20 million views in its first week alone. It holds the distinction of being the highest-viewed advertising video in the Consumer Electronics and Smartphones category globally, as well as the top-viewed advertising video on YouTube in India across all categories. Additionally, the campaign has received significant engagement on various social media platforms, amassing nearly 225,000 consumer interactions.

Brand Trust and Customer Relationship:

Ranjivjit Singh, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung India, attributes the campaign’s success to the profound trust and affection consumers have for the brand. The film’s unconventional approach, which focuses on emotional storytelling rather than product promotion, underscores Samsung’s commitment to building enduring relationships with its customers through exemplary service.

Creative Execution and International Recognition:

Cheil India, the creative agency behind the campaign, has been praised for its innovative storytelling. By depicting the emotional journey of a Samsung Service Van Engineer striving to assist a remote village, the film resonates with audiences globally. Sagar Mahabaleshwar, Chief Creative Officer at Cheil India, expresses gratitude to Samsung for the opportunity to connect with viewers on an emotional level through the campaign.

Expansion of Service Network and Reach:

Samsung India has demonstrated its dedication to providing quality customer service by bolstering its service network. With the addition of 535 service vans in October 2016, the company’s service network now encompasses over 3,000 service points, extending its reach to customers in more than 6,000 talukas nationwide. This expansion solidifies Samsung’s position as the leader in service provision within the mobile and consumer durables industries in India. The service vans are equipped with skilled engineers and essential components to ensure prompt and efficient resolution of customer issues, covering extensive distances and accumulating over 1 million kilometers since their launch.


In conclusion, Samsung India’s Customer Service campaign has not only achieved exceptional viewership milestones but has also succeeded in fostering profound connections with audiences worldwide. Through its poignant storytelling and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Samsung has set a new standard for service excellence in the tech industry. By prioritizing emotional engagement over product promotion, the campaign has strengthened brand trust and loyalty, reaffirming Samsung’s position as a leader in both innovation and customer service. With its expanded service network and relentless dedication to serving customers across diverse regions, Samsung continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of consumers, one heartfelt interaction at a time.

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