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Parle Products Unveils New Campaign for Parle 20-20 Cookie

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Parle Products, a household name in India, has once again captured the hearts of consumers with its latest campaign for Parle 20-20 cookies. Known for its innovative and engaging advertisements, Parle has raised the bar yet again with a series of three films that deliver a refreshing twist on the concept of smiling through life’s challenges.

The Evolution of the Parle 20-20 Campaign

Building upon the success of its previous campaigns, Parle has taken a bold step forward with its latest advertising venture. The brand’s previous campaign featured a protagonist who navigated various awkward and humorous situations with a smile on their face. However, this year’s campaign takes the humor to new heights by placing the protagonist in unexpected predicaments that elicit smiles of confusion, consternation, or resignation from viewers.

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Parle 20-20 Campaign: Creative Execution

Renu Somani, national creative director of Thought Blurb Communications, explains the creative aspect of the project. “It was interesting looking for an alternate take on the tagline. Last year, we were trying to establish the idea, and needed the films to simply explain the direction of the messaging. We now have the confidence to push the envelope outward.”

Adding to her statement, Vinod Kunj, chief creative officer of Though Blurb Communications asserts the importance of the team coming together. “The Parle team and our agency worked together to bring this multi-language campaign together. It was important to monitor how every market was reacting to the message. Broadcast, digital and social platforms were kept in check. We are all excited to see this campaign go further along the way in building the brand’s equity.”

Market Response and Future Outlook

Speaking on the campaign, Mayank Shah, vice president, Parle Products, says he is confident in the route. “We tried this new brand message last year and tested it out. The market response was positive, so we decided to put our full effort behind it. All marketing initiatives were directed towards supporting the brand message”, he said. “Still, no caution has been thrown to the wind and everybody knows that a brand message needs to grow in stages.”

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As the campaign gains momentum across broadcast, digital, and social platforms, the anticipation for its impact on the brand’s equity continues to grow. With consumers eagerly awaiting each new installment of the campaign, Parle Products is poised to solidify its position as a leader in the cookie market.


Parle 20-20 cookies’ latest campaign is more than just a series of advertisements—it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to creativity, humor, and consumer engagement. By challenging conventional notions of smiling through life’s challenges, Parle has once again captured the imagination of audiences nationwide. As the campaign unfolds, one thing is certain: Parle 20-20 cookies are not just a treat for the taste buds, but also for the soul.

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