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Shell Lubricants Unveils New Edition Pack with Shahid Kapoor

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Shell Lubricants India has recently announced an exciting upgrade to its portfolio of motorcycle oils, accompanied by a striking limited-edition packaging featuring none other than Bollywood heartthrob, Shahid Kapoor. This move not only marks a significant enhancement in the product line but also signifies the continuation of a successful partnership between Shell India and Shahid Kapoor in their “Rukna Mushkil Hai” brand campaign.

Shell Lubricants: Celebrating the Unstoppable Spirit

Launched back in 2023, the “Rukna Mushkil Hai” campaign resonates deeply with the spirit of the modern Indian rider – driven by passion, determination, and an undying spirit of adventure. Through this campaign, Shell Lubricants India aims to empower riders, showcasing their unstoppable drive, fueled by the reliability of Shell Advance engine oils.

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Innovative Technology for Smooth Rides

The upgraded portfolio introduces the new Shell Advance AX7 Synthetic Technology oil, designed to provide riders with an exceptionally smooth ride. This innovation is made possible through the incorporation of Flexi Molecule Technology, ensuring efficient power transfer from the engine to the wheels. With this advancement, riders can expect enhanced performance and prolonged engine life, making every journey a memorable one.

Amit Ghugre’s perspective

When introducing the new and improved Shell Advance range, Amit Ghugre, chief marketing officer of Shell Lubricants India, said, “For us. ‘Rukna Mushkil Hai’ is an emotion and a platform to empower riders to be truly unstoppable. Last year, we teamed up with Shahid Kapoor to echo the spirit of these motoring enthusiasts, and now we are taking it a step further with portfolio upgrades to offer stronger and more impactful consumer benefits. With our special edition packs, we hope to inspire more users to fulfil their passion for riding with Shell Advance engine oils”.

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Shahid Kapoor’s views

The unveiling of the new range was accompanied by Shahid Kapoor, the brand ambassador for Shell Lubricants India, expressing his excitement. He remarked, “I am thrilled to partner with Shell Advance on the upgraded portfolio that promises Extra Engine Life and Extra Smooth Rides.” Shahid Kapoor invited enthusiasts to embark on adventure rides across the country, powered by the reliability of Shell Advance engine oils. He encouraged riders to grab their special edition pack and join him on this exhilarating journey.


With the launch of its upgraded portfolio and the introduction of the new edition pack featuring Shahid Kapoor, Shell Lubricants India reaffirms its commitment to providing riders with unparalleled performance and reliability. As riders gear up to hit the roads, they can rely on Shell Advance engine oils to not only enhance their riding experience but also to fuel their unstoppable spirit. So, grab your special edition pack, rev up your engines, and join Shahid Kapoor on an unforgettable journey with Shell India.

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