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Sleepyhead launches a new product campaign featuring Ranveer Singh

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Sleepyhead, a pioneering brand in innovative and technology-backed mattresses, launches a new product: the Technic Grid Mattress with a new campaign. This revolutionary mattress, featuring a 6D Hexagonal Grid and a 3 Zone body pressure distribution system, promises to redefine the sleep experience, offering unparalleled comfort and spinal support.

Sleepyhead Campaign ft. Ranveer Singh

In a futuristic ad film conceptualized by Decision Pinnacle and brought to life by Nirvana Films, Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh takes center stage. The campaign takes viewers on an exhilarating journey as Ranveer’s character embarks on a mission to save Mumbai City from an alien attack.

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Ranveer Singh: The Heroic Ambassador

Ranveer Singh, known for his dynamic energy and versatility, brings his signature charm to the campaign. Instead of merely showcasing the mattress’s features, Singh’s character undertakes a daring adventure, adding an element of excitement and entertainment to the advertisement.

Shivakant Menon’s perspective

Shivakant Menon, creative director at Decision Pinnacle, the one behind the script and campaign idea says, “Advertising today is trying too hard to blend in with reality and that’s considered cool and urban. But the majority of India is not asking for that. They don’t need advertising to make sense. They simply need to be entertained. And that is a far better way to build top of mind recall value. That’s all we had to do with this film. Every mattress ad at some point shows a person sleeping on it. That’s boring and quite obvious. We set out to mirror the absolute crazy energy that a brand ambassador like Ranveer Singh can bring to the table. We obviously didn’t want him sleeping on a mattress.. Since the brand is a jester archetype, exaggerating and having fun with the depiction of what ‘future of sleep’ means was crucial for creating strong recall…”

A Comical Twist

The ad takes an unexpected turn when Ranveer Singh, after successfully retrieving the Technic Grid Mattress, finds himself irresistibly comfortable upon lying down. In a comical twist, Singh’s character almost succumbs to sleep, adding a humorous touch to the action-packed storyline.

Sleepyhead- The Technic Grid Mattress

At the heart of the campaign lies the Technic Grid Mattress, a testament to sleep innovation. Its hexagonal structure, boasting over 3000 air channels, ensures optimal heat dissipation for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress’s 3-zone design offers tailored comfort, with specialized support for different parts of the body, ensuring a pain-free and rejuvenating slumber.

Sleepyhead launches a new product campaign featuring Ranveer Singh

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Rajiv Rao’s views

Nirvana Films is the production house that has brought this film into reality and speaking on the film veteran director Rajiv Rao said “Working on this project was an absolute treat especially when you a have whacky script with Ranveer Singh on a levitating mattress! His infectious energy, enthusiasm and serious commitment to play any character is simply amazing. To enhance Ranveer’s character we opted for a retro vibe that takes us back to the 80’s. This influenced everything from set designs and props to costumes, even extending to the cute and lovable aliens.


Sleepyhead’s Technic Grid Mattress ad campaign not only showcases the product’s innovative features but also delivers an immersive and entertaining experience for viewers. With Ranveer Singh leading the charge, the campaign exemplifies creativity, innovation, and a touch of humor, setting a new standard in mattress advertising. Get ready to embark on a futuristic adventure and redefine your sleep experience with Sleepyhead’s Technic Grid Mattress.

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