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Tide launches new campaign with SRK

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Tide has revealed a collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan. With Khan’s dedication to perfection and excellence, Tide embraces a shared commitment, bringing it to life in a new campaign that aligns with the brand’s consumer promise.

Tide new campaign with SRK

Tide has collaborated with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to present itself as the ‘Asli (real) SRK – Stain Removal King.’

In this venture, Tide, an iconic brand, has opted to collaborate with another beloved figure in India, Shah Rukh Khan, uniting in a collective dedication to bring joy to fans and consumers. King Khan’s unwavering quest for perfection and undeniable excellence stands as the foundation of Tide’s commitment to consumers. The recently enhanced Tide brings this shared commitment to fruition through a memorable new campaign.

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At the core of this groundbreaking launch is an enthralling partnership with the iconic Shah Rukh Khan! The superstar has teamed up with Tide India, becoming the brand ambassador to endorse Tide as the ‘asli/real SRK – Stain Removal King.’ Sharing his thoughts on the collaboration, King Khan expressed, “This collaboration with Tide goes beyond merely endorsing a brand; it signifies a shared dedication to perfection and the relentless pursuit of excellence. I am pleased to be part of this unprecedented partnership and proudly recommend Tide as the ‘asli/real SRK.’ Tide’s enhanced performance and its effective stain removal capabilities are sure to satisfy consumers with their laundry needs.”

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Tide launches new campaign with SRK

Speaking on the partnership, Khan said, “This collaboration with Tide is not just about endorsing a brand; it’s about a shared commitment to perfection and the relentless pursuit of excellence. I am glad to have joined in this first-of-its-kind partnership and recommend Tide as the ‘Asli SRK’. Tide’s new and improved performance and its ability to remove stains will delight consumers on their laundry needs”.

Further speaking about his experience with the shoot, he shared, “I have seen Tide’s iconic ‘swoosh’ and the “Chaunk Gaye” many times. A reminder of the outstanding clean offered by the brand. It was fun to be a part of it and bring it to life in my own way. It’s not just an entertaining element but demonstrates Tide’s stain removal expertise.”

Mukta Maheshwari, chief marketing officer, P&G India; and vice president, Fabric Care, P&G India also spoke on this new partnership: “We’re delighted with the partnership with Shah Rukh Khan and his endorsement of the New and Improved Tide as the Stain Removal King. We are delighted to have SRK recommend Tide as the ‘Asli SRK – Stain Removal King’ to consumers and fans across the country.”

Tide launches new campaign with SRK
Mukta Maheshwari

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In conclusion, the strategic collaboration between Tide, an iconic brand, and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan marks a significant milestone in the realm of consumer satisfaction and brand excellence. This unique partnership not only endorses Tide as the ‘asli/real SRK – Stain Removal King’ but also symbolizes a shared commitment to perfection and relentless pursuit of excellence. As Tide unveils its new and improved formula, fortified with boosted magnets for deep-seated stain removal and long-lasting freshness, consumers can expect an elevated laundry experience. Shah Rukh Khan’s association with Tide adds a touch of star power to the brand, creating a memorable campaign that is bound to resonate with consumers, offering them a reliable and effective solution for their laundry needs.

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