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Titan Raga Celebrates Sisterhood in “Beautiful Together” Campaign

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Titan Raga, a watch brand known for its elegant designs and inspiring stories about women, has launched a new campaign titled “Beautiful Together.” This campaign stars the dynamic actress Alia Bhatt and celebrates the enduring power of sisterhood.

Titan Raga: “Beautiful Together” Campaign

The campaign sheds light on the evolving concept of beauty. It moves away from the idea of beauty fueling competition among women and instead highlights how beauty can be a shared experience that fosters support and connection. The commercial showcases the many ways women uplift each other, from sharing beauty tips to collaborating on projects to break down barriers.

Alia Bhatt Embodies the Spirit of Sisterhood

The commercial features Alia Bhatt in a series of heartwarming vignettes that showcase the essence of sisterhood. We see her complimenting a stranger, sharing a Raga watch with a friend to elevate her outfit, and supporting another woman who experiences a fashion mishap at a social event. The overall tone is lighthearted and joyful, emphasizing the warmth and value of female friendships.

Celebrating the Strength of Women Together

The campaign’s core message is captured in the Hindi phrase “Humaari khubsurati mein ek dusre ka haath hai,” which translates to “There’s a hand in each other’s beauty.” This tagline highlights how beauty can be a catalyst for camaraderie, comfort, and a sense of community among women.

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Quotes: Highlighting the Importance of Sisterhood

Aparna Ravi, marketing head, Titan Watches, said, “Raga as a brand has consistently been driving deep and meaningful narratives about women. ‘Beautiful Together’ is our conscious effort to recognize a bond that’s often overlooked – the incredible strength and support women find in each other. We are thrilled to have Alia Bhatt on board, who perfectly epitomizes the spirit of sisterhood. We believe this campaign will resonate with our audience and inspire them to celebrate the amazing women in their lives.”

Tithi Ghosh, president and head of office at Ogilvy South, adds, “Titan Raga has always fronted conversations that genuinely speak to women. Raga watches are designed to evoke beauty and femininity and these are pillars of all our Raga campaigns. Women feel fulfillment and joy in celebrating each other not just for the big wins but also for the little things that earlier would not be noticed. This beautiful spirit of sisterhood is captured in our new campaign in which we see how the tiniest of moments can also become uplifting when women simply come together. The brand platform Beautiful Together resonated with our brand ambassador Alia Bhatt, known for her tightly knit circle of girlfriends and the infectious positivity they collectively generate.”


Titan Raga’s “Beautiful Together” campaign is a celebration of the remarkable women in our lives who enable, support, and inspire us. It’s a message of female empowerment and a reminder of the strength that comes from having a strong network of sisters by your side.

Campaign Credits:

AGENCY: Ogilvy, Bangalore

  • Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India: Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Kainaz Karmakar
  • Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy India: Prem Narayan
  • Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy South: Puneet Kapoor
  • Executive Creative Director: Nishant Pratap
  • Creative team: Jaydhrit Sur, Nidhi Gopal
  • President and Head of Office, Ogilvy South: Tithi Ghosh
  • Head of Strategic Planning, Ogilvy South: Easo John
  • Senior Planning Director: Rema Bagga
  • Senior Vice President: Akshatha Poojari
  • Account Management: Shruti Sundararaman, Sakshi Bhardwaj

Production Creds:

  • Production House: GOOD MORNING
  • Producer: ROBIN D’CRUZ
  • Director of Photography: SATCHITH PAULOSE

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