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Zuno General Insurance marks its one-year ‘Zunoversary’ with an ad film

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Zuno General Insurance
, previously Edelweiss General Insurance, celebrates its one-year anniversary under its new name in February 2024. To commemorate this milestone, Zuno launches a delightful film titled “Zunoversary,” starring an endearing ensemble of children. The film captures Zuno’s journey uniquely, blending trademark wit and humor to convey its commitment to simplicity and understanding.

Zuno General Insurance launched an ad film to celebrate “Zunoversary”

In February 2024, Zuno General Insurance, formerly known as Edelweiss General Insurance, celebrates its one-year anniversary in its rebranded form. To commemorate this milestone, Zuno unveils a lighthearted film titled “Zunoversary,” featuring a delightful cast of children. This film offers a unique reflection on Zuno’s journey, infused with its characteristic wit and humor.

Communication of Brand’s Simplicity:

Through the inclusion of children in the film, Zuno effectively communicates that its products and services are designed to be uncomplicated and easily understood, simplifying the complexities of insurance. The film promises to take viewers on a heartwarming journey through Zuno’s achievements and its commitment to the insurance industry.

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What does this Ad film highlight

  1. Over 3 Million Satisfied Customers: Zuno proudly acknowledges the trust of more than 3 million satisfied customers, underscoring its unwavering commitment to customer contentment and service excellence.
  2. Introduction of the ZDQ Challenge: The film spotlights the launch of the Zuno Driving Quotient (ZDQ) challenge, illustrating Zuno’s dedication to innovation. This challenge assesses driving skills using telematics over a 15-day period, providing feedback and potential premium savings for participants with high ZDQ scores.
  3. Streamlined Cashless Claims Settlement: Zuno’s efficient and seamless cashless claims settlement process brings about a paradigm shift in the insurance sector, ensuring peace of mind for policyholders.
  4. Philosophy of Simplifying Insurance: Zuno’s commitment to making insurance straightforward permeates the film, with even children effortlessly grasping and conveying the brand’s fundamental values. This mirrors Zuno’s mission to redefine insurance as accessible, approachable, and transparent.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Expressing her views Shanai Ghosh, MD & CEO of Zuno General Insurance said, “Our first year as Zuno has been an incredible journey. The film, ‘Zunoversary’ encapsulates the essence of this journey, and we are excited to share it with our customers and partners. It reflects Zuno’s upbeat, approachable and innovative brand personality. As a digital native insurer, we believe that Insurance in the 21st century needs to be easy, friendly and transparent and we at Zuno are doing just that.  Our “Zunoversary” film embodies this spirit by presenting the journey and our milestones in a warm and relatable manner through the eyes of children.

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Zuno General Insurance’ “Zunoversary” film is not just a commemoration of the company’s one-year milestone but also a captivating testament to its ethos. Through the lens of the film, viewers are invited into a world where simplicity, innovation, and customer satisfaction reign supreme. With its endearing cast of children, the film encapsulates the essence of Zuno’s mission – to make insurance understandable, accessible, and enjoyable for all. From celebrating the trust of over 3 million satisfied customers to introducing groundbreaking initiatives like the Zuno Driving Quotient (ZDQ) challenge, the film beautifully portrays Zuno’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Moreover, by showcasing Zuno’s dedication to swift and hassle-free cashless claims settlement, the film underscores the company’s unwavering focus on providing peace of mind to its policyholders. Ultimately, “Zunoversary” is more than just a film; it’s a heartfelt celebration of Zuno’s journey, values, and vision for the future of insurance.

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