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Swiggy Dineout launches ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ campaign

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Swiggy Dineout has introduced an exciting campaign called ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti,’ aiming to change how Indians enjoy dining out. This campaign, created by the talented team at Toaster India, aligns with Swiggy Dineout’s strategy to shine during the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF).

All about Swiggy Dineout’s ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ campaign

What’s the Fuss About?

The main idea behind ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ is to make Swiggy Dineout a familiar part of Indian dining culture. Since most people still prefer dining offline, the campaign wants Swiggy Dineout to be the go-to platform for decisions before heading out. It’s not just about transactions; the goal is to make Swiggy Dineout a crucial part of the pre-dining ritual, making decisions about where to eat easier.

Where Did the Inspiration Come From?

The campaign draws inspiration from the typical Indian parental practice of comparing children, known as “Sharma Ji Ki Beti.” This cultural insight serves as the foundation for Swiggy Dineout’s new approach. By humorously suggesting that being like ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ is the right way to get the best dining benefits, the campaign aims to make Swiggy Dineout an essential part of the dining experience.

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Aparna Giridhar’s Views about Swiggy Dineout Campaign

Aparna Giridhar, VP, marketing, Swiggy, said, “This creative route plays up a new social validation of using Swiggy Dineout before stepping out as the right way to eat out, especially during our biggest annual festival. By humorously portraying this, we encourage users to emulate ‘Sharma ji ki Beti’ for seeking the best dining benefits in town. Building on our core mission of providing unparalleled convenience to consumers, this campaign highlights Swiggy Dineout’s proposition of seamless & joyful dining with maximum savings.”

The Campaign Kick-Off

The campaign starts with Swiggy Dineout offering a flat 50% off on dining bills at selected premium brands during the Great Indian Restaurant Festival. In the coming months, more films will roll out, making ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ the heart of Swiggy Dineout’s communication strategy.

What Toaster India Has to Say

Ira G, Chief Creative Officer at Toaster India, expresses excitement about collaborating with Swiggy Dineout. Referring to them as a dream client, the creative team looks forward to exploring more with ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ as a character, aiming to bring humor and strong insights to future campaigns.

Wrapping up: Swiggy Dineout- ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ campaign

In conclusion, the ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ campaign is a big step for Swiggy Dineout, turning it into more than just a food delivery platform. The campaign promises to reshape how Indians view dining out, adding humor and cultural resonance to the entire experience. Swiggy Dineout’s journey with ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’ is set to leave a lasting mark on the nation’s gastronomic landscape.

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