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Flipkart Launches Spoyl, Targetting Gen Z Customers

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Flipkart debuts ‘SPOYL,’ an app-in-app fashion hub tailored for Gen Z consumers (born 1997-2012). Prioritizing value and trendsetting fashion, the platform offers 40,000+ products encompassing categories like western wear, accessories, and footwear. These choices cater to the audience’s aesthetic, accessible through a novel on-app interface.

Flipkart Launches Spoyl, Targetting Gen Z Customers
Source: Spoyl

Flipkart Spoyl Showing Love Toward Gen Z

Flipkart is ingeniously tailoring its offerings to resonate with Gen Z customers. Understanding their affinity for expressive fashion and penchant for standing out, Flipkart’s new app-in-app venture, Spoyl, serves as a dedicated fashion haven. With over 40,000 trend-setting products encompassing western wear, accessories, and footwear, the platform hits the mark for Gen Z’s ever-evolving style.

India boasts the globe’s third-largest online shopper population. As Bain & Co outlines, one in three online shoppers here falls into the Gen Z bracket, often choosing fashion as their debut online purchase, favoring cost-effective options. McKinsey’s insights reveal that Gen Z seeks unique, expressive clothing to stand out, reflecting their ever-changing style.

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Within Flipkart Fashion, over 25% of customers belong to Gen Z. Their fashion preferences draw from OTT content, global pop icons, and pop culture, while shopping priorities encompass value, tech, and experiential aspects. India’s online shopper base ranks third worldwide, with a significant portion being Gen Z individuals who prefer budget-friendly online fashion. McKinsey reiterates Gen Z’s inclination for distinct fashion choices, aligning with their dynamic style preferences.

Recognizing that Gen Z’s shopping preferences are shaped by value, technology, and experience, Flipkart’s interface is designed to seamlessly deliver on these aspects. Leveraging the influence of OTT content, global pop icons, and pop culture, Flipkart Fashion captivates Gen Z’s fashion sense.

Flipkart Spoyl bringing many more surprises to Gen Z

1. Categories and Expansion Plans:

  • Fashion Evolution: Spoyl, Flipkart’s venture, set to introduce a host of surprises for Gen Z shoppers.
  • AI Integration: Cutting-edge generative AI tech to enhance the platform’s offerings and user experience.
  • Rising Gen Z Influence: Over 25% of Flipkart Fashion’s customer base comprises Gen Z; expected to reach 30-35% in 2-3 years.

2. Distinctive Interface:

  • Visual Distinction: Spoyl’s in-app interface features a sleek black, white, and neon aesthetic.
  • Differentiation: Interface design sets Spoyl apart from Flipkart’s main platform.
  • Enhancing Experience: Additional features and generative AI technology in the pipeline to elevate consumer interaction.

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3. Expanding Product Range:

  • Gender-Neutral Focus: Spoyl provides Gen Z access to gender-neutral apparel, along with accessories, jewelry, and footwear.
  • Diverse Lineup: Future plans include branching into beauty, grooming, and specialized items like skateboards.
  • Electronics and Gadgets: Flipkart envisions incorporating Gen Z-centric electronics and gadgets for a comprehensive offering.

Is Flipkart Spoyl will give competition to Myntra Fwd

Spoyl vs. FWD: A Battle for Gen Z’s Fashion Attention

Spoyl by Flipkart:

  • Tailored Diversity: Spoyl, Flipkart’s innovation, steps into the ring with over 40,000 products spanning western wear, footwear, and accessories, meticulously crafted to resonate with Gen Z’s ever-changing fashion preferences.
  • AI-Powered Trendspotting: Spoyl scans the world of social media, pinpointing trends from locations like Prague and Brazil, while leveraging K-Pop influences. This tech-savvy approach ensures fresh and globally inspired choices.
  • Local Focus: Over 95% of Spoyl’s products are made in India, aligning with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, fostering local manufacturing, and catering to national pride.

Myntra’s FWD:

  • Curated Gen Z Experience: FWD, Myntra’s Gen Z-focused platform, captivates with curated styles and brands tailored to this dynamic demographic’s unique tastes. It acknowledges Gen Z’s heavy online presence and penchant for global fashion trends.
  • Visual-First Design: FWD’s visual-first approach immerses Gen Z shoppers in an engaging and relatable fashion journey, in line with their multimedia-centric lifestyle.
  • Influencer-Driven Engagement: Collaborations with over 500 creators and partnerships with influencers like Radhika Seth and Viral Bhayani make FWD’s content and celebrity-driven styles a Gen Z magnet.

The Clash:

  • Both platforms acknowledge Gen Z’s hunger for the latest trends and visual content, striving to provide immersive experiences.
  • While Spoyl reaches for global trends, FWD focuses on Gen Z’s inclination for influencer-driven choices, catering to their social media influence.
  • Spoyl champions the ‘Make in India’ ethos, reflecting local manufacturing and patriotism.
  • FWD’s expansion plans target millions of Gen Z customers, underlining Myntra’s ambition to harness Gen Z’s enormous purchasing power.

In this fashion face-off, Spoyl and FWD, backed by industry giants Flipkart and Myntra respectively, strive to win Gen Z’s loyalty by embracing their preferences, values, and aspirations in the ever-evolving world of online fashion.

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Experts’s Opinion

Flipkart Launches Spoyl, Targetting Gen Z Customers

Speaking about the launch, Sandeep Karwa, vice president – Flipkart Fashion, said, “Our mission with ‘SPOYL’ is to address the growing needs of Gen Z who embrace their inner confidence and express their authentic selves through their style. This is also a generation that sets out to break stereotypes on a daily basis, without judgment. We believe that every person deserves to feel empowered and stylish, and this new launch aims to deliver just that. By using technology that helps us stay ahead of the curve, we will ensure that every single Gen Z shopper has access to choices that suit them best. At Flipkart, we understand that value fashion doesn’t mean compromising on quality and ethical production practices. By encouraging our seller ecosystem to use on-spot trend inputs and incorporating advanced planning, we strive to make available the most stylish garments, made possible by technology and data insights.”


In the realm of modern retail, Gen Z has emerged as the pivotal driving force, dictating the evolution of fashion consumption. Brands worldwide are swiftly recalibrating their strategies to align with the unique preferences and digital tendencies of this dynamic generation. Among these trailblazers, Flipkart introduced the game-changing Spoyl, an in-app fashion platform, tailored meticulously for Gen Z. This innovation not only reflects Flipkart’s acute awareness of the changing market dynamics but also their dedication to providing an immersive, trendsetting, and locally resonant experience. As brands recalibrate their compass to target the Gen Z demographic, Spoyl stands at the forefront, illustrating how technology-infused fashion and personalized experiences are redefining the industry.

In a world where trends are as fleeting as a swipe, Spoyl signifies Flipkart’s commitment to capturing the essence of Gen Z’s style preferences. This marks a significant stride, solidifying the role of Gen Z not just as consumers, but as the ultimate fashion influencers who shape the industry’s trajectory. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, Spoyl’s introduction exemplifies Flipkart’s strategic prowess and its proactive embrace of the fashion revolution led by Gen Z.

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