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Dia Mirza Partners with Allter to Revolutionize Baby Care with Chemical-Free and Eco-Friendly Products

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Allter, India’s premier sustainable and certified rash-free baby care brand, has partnered with Dia Mirza, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, as a strategic investor and brand ambassador for their latest campaign ‘Every Mother is a protector’. The campaign celebrates the journey of motherhood and highlights the importance of using chemical-free and eco-friendly baby care products for the safety and well-being of babies and the planet.

Allter is committed to developing sustainable, eco-friendly, and organic baby hygiene products that help parents give their children a green start to life. The brand’s range of soft, chemical-free, earth-friendly, organic bamboo diapers and baby wipes are gentle on baby skin and have received certification as rash-free baby care products.

According to statistics, over 20 billion worth of disposable diapers are thrown into landfills each year, taking centuries to decompose and posing a threat to the environment. As a protective mother and a passionate climate champion, Dia resonates with Allter’s eco-sensitive message and believes in inspiring more people to recognize the significance of using natural resources to create a healthy planet and a healthier world for future generations.

Dia Mirza shares, “As a mother, I wanted my baby’s journey to be earth-friendly and safe for his health. Even before Avyaan was born, I spent a long time looking for a plastic-neutral, safe product and upon research found that most diapers contain a plethora of harsh chemicals that take centuries to decompose. It was a sense of great satisfaction when the first diaper I used on my baby was an Allter diaper!”

Allter’s co-founders, Surbhi Bafna Gupta and Arnav Gupta, are young parents who understand the importance of choosing top-notch products for their precious little ones. They recognized the gap in the baby care industry and took it upon themselves to address the issues that modern parents faced. With the rise of mindfulness among parents regarding the ingredients they use for their babies, there is a growing demand for clean, chemical-free, and safe alternatives. Allter is all about providing unbeatable quality products that parents can trust.

Speaking about the strategic partnership, Surbhi and Arnav said, “Bringing Dia on board as a strategic investor and brand ambassador perfectly aligned with Allter’s mission to mainstream sustainability. For us, it is all about revolutionizing baby care in ways that have never been imagined before. The baby care industry has not seen any significant innovations in the last two decades, and we are determined to shake things up and bring about real change. We intend to expand our product line to other baby care categories in association with Dia very soon.”

In the journey towards a sustainable world, Allter alongside Dia Mirza aspires to create a greener environment for the generations to come. As Dia says, “It’s time for mankind to exercise greater financial restraint when making purchases—not just for basic requirements and necessities, but also for investments.”

Conclusively, Allter’s partnership with Dia Mirza marks a significant step towards sustainable baby care, highlighting the importance of choosing chemical-free and eco-friendly products for the safety and well-being of babies and the planet. This partnership is a testament to Allter’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community-building, and a step towards creating a greener future for our children.

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