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Faasos Celebrates The World Cup With Wraps XI Campaign Offering Free Wraps for a Year

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The Cricket World Cup is not just a sporting event; it’s a cultural phenomenon that brings together people from all walks of life. To celebrate the ongoing cricket World Cup, Faasos, a Rebel Foods homegrown brand, has launched an innovative and interactive campaign that has food enthusiasts and cricket fans alike excited. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Faasos’ “Wraps XI” campaign, where you can create your dream cricket team on Instagram using wraps specially crafted by the brand, each named after a cricketer.

Faasos’ “Wraps XI” campaign: Creating Dream Cricket Teams with Delicious Wraps

Faasos’ “Wraps XI” campaign is all about fusing the passion of cricket with the love for flavorful food. This interactive campaign allows customers to create their own dream cricket team on Instagram using the brand’s specially-crafted wraps, each named after a cricketer. With an enticing prize on the line, the winners of this contest get to enjoy free Faasos wraps for an entire year. It’s a tempting offer that has attracted not only cricket enthusiasts but also food lovers who are eager to experiment with their taste buds.

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Participation Made Easy

Participating in the “Wraps XI” campaign is as easy as following the instructions on Faasos’ Instagram account. With a few simple steps, anyone can join in on the World Cup excitement, creating their dream cricket team and savoring the mouthwatering wraps.

Bestselling Combos and Availability

After 700 contest entries, two standout combos emerged as the bestsellers among netizens: the “Cheeku MVP Combo” and the “Smith Standout Combo.” These wraps have captivated the taste buds and imaginations of participants and customers alike. To make it even more convenient, all the wraps featured in the campaign are available on major food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato. You can also find them at the Rebel Foods food court in EatSure.

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Offline Marketing With A Twist

In addition to the online campaign, Faasos is using offline marketing tactics to generate buzz. They have deployed the popular “dude with sign” signage at railway stations and crowded markets. This unconventional approach to marketing helps spread the word about the campaign and draws the attention of passersby.

A Word from the VP of Marketing

Pragati Dalal, the vice president of marketing at Rebel Foods, shared her perspective on the campaign, saying, “With Faasos, our core brand belief is about celebrating the extraordinary and breaking free from the ordinary. With this campaign, we are inviting everyone to join in on the World Cup excitement with our unique Wraps XI campaign that combines the passion of cricket with the love for flavorful food, giving an unforgettable experience.”

She added, “In a unique way, through this campaign, we’re now putting our wraps in the spotlight by naming them after the cricket legends. We believe cricket and food are a heavenly match, and what better way to celebrate them both than the ICC World Cup.”

Winner Announcement

The “Wraps XI” campaign kicked off on September 29, 2023, and has already generated a lot of excitement among cricket and food enthusiasts. The brand declared to announce the next set of winners on October 29, 2023, making it a date to remember for those hoping to enjoy free wraps for a year.

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Let’s wrap up: Faasos’ “Wraps XI” campaign

In conclusion, Faasos’ “Wraps XI” campaign is a delightful fusion of cricket and food, offering participants and customers a chance to enjoy free wraps for an entire year. With creative wraps named after cricket legends and an engaging online presence, it’s a campaign that celebrates the extraordinary and promises a unique experience for all involved. So, join in on the fun, create your dream cricket team, and savor the delectable Faasos wraps. Who knows, you might just be one of the lucky winners enjoying a year’s worth of free wraps!

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