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Fevicol and its iconic ads

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The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Fevicol is its successful advertising advertisements over the years. We can watch their commercials over and over again without becoming tired of them as they never fail to impress us. Owing to this, we have gathered the finest of their advertisements over the years for you.

Before moving to the advertisements let’s quickly go through how the Fevicol ads revolutionized and won the marketing game for the brand and its parent firm, Pidilite.

Advertising and content are strong elements in the internet era and it’s acknowledged almost by everyone. As they help you establish a deep connection with your users or consumers, which can result in a positive customer experience, great sales, and high conversion rates.

Pidilite, a company established in the 1960s, became an iconic brand recognized by almost every Indian family. How did they accomplish it exactly?

Here’s what exactly Fevicol did best in its Marketing Strategy. 

1- The Logo

It was designed by the leading advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather. In the logo, two elephants are bonded by the solution Fevicol. The logo’s background’s rising sun serves as a symbol of the brand’s freshness and success in the marketplace. The company routinely uses the brand tagline “Fevicol ka jod” in its Fevicol advertising strategy, and this is reflected in the logo.

Fevicol logo

2- Business Tactics

Pidilite offers a number of adhesives and sealants in the market but Fevicol is their most popular product. Due to Pidilite’s robust product line, Fevicol has been able to establish a foothold in even the most difficult markets.

Fevicol’s marketing strategy includes pricing their products such that they start at just INR 5. This feature makes them popular in India’s most remote regions. Fevicol has also never abruptly raised the price of its products, which has further aided customers in developing a stronger sense of trust in the company. 

3- Bold B2C approach

Being an adhesive and sealants company, obviously, it has a lot of competitors, particularly in India. Hence it has to outperform. So with the assistance of Ogilvy & Mather Pidilite promoted Fevicol in magazines, newspapers, street wall advertisements, etc. Until they eventually got it to television through advertisements. Additionally, they started to increase the stock-keeping unit inventory at each store, which made their items the clear choice for customers.

4- Developing over time

Fevicol marketing changed when the world of advertising transitioned from magazines and street ads to television.

Fevicol succeeded with video advertisements with the help of Ogilvy & Mather. The brand used an engaging storyline, catchy music and lyrics to capture the viewer’s attention within 15–30 seconds.

And now with time, they have moved to TV channels and celebrity endorsements. Additionally, they have created its website and also build an online presence on social media platforms.

Fevicol marketing has a history of producing effective advertisements for its target audience, including “Egg”, “Mooch”, “Sofa”, “Govinda ek- dahi handi anek” and many more.

Let’s have a look one by one.

Most Iconic Fevicol Ads


In this ad, we see a cook frying eggs in a kitchen.  He successfully cracks the first egg, then tries another but the egg didn’t break. The egg is actually so difficult to crack that it shatters metal utensils but still remains unbroken. Finally, we discover that the hen which laid the egg was consuming food from a Fevicol container.

This advertisement adopts a hilarious perspective on life, moving away from the simple and sensible. Fevicol’s USP—giving strength to any product it is used with—is cleverly shown.


This advertisement recreates a popular scene from an Indian village in Rajasthan. Commuters packed into a single vehicle seems slowly navigating to a completely remote location.

Fevicol marketing, however, uses a dramatic tone in this advertisement. You can see some people sitting in odd and unbelievable positions without falling off if you look closely. However, in the typical Fevicol marketing style, that is the magic of Fevicol, which is revealed in the climax.

The choice of brilliant colours, which accurately depict Rajasthani clothing, enhances the beauty of the video. Fevicol is attempting to create a mood, and the scenery also appears to be somewhat dramatic.


Next “Mooch” has another excellent idea that stands out for its rich creativity. It depicts the life of a woman who used Fevicol to apply a fake moustache for a performance when she was a little child. This move changes her life permanently because the moustache remains on for her entire life, even when she marries, has children of her own, becomes a grandma, and enters heaven.

Every time it aired, Mooch’s satirical and witty advertisement was sure to amuse viewers. It captivates interest, provides deep entertainment, and leaves a lasting impression. This advertisement is a prime example of Fevicol marketing done by Ogilvy & Mather.


You’ll enjoy this Alien-Avatar Fevicol advertisement. It starts with a woman shouting at Alien over her damaged earthen pots. “Villagers, we’ll suck away your gravity,” the alien screamed.  After that, Alien begins to absorb gravity. Next, people on earth start floating as aliens have absorbed gravity. Then suddenly, a person pours fevicol into the water well and there is a blackout for a second. Ultimately, due to the strength and bond of fevicol alien remains on earth. The end of the video features the tagline “The Ultimate Glue,” which highlights the company’s core values.

 Govinda ek, Dahi Handi Anek

In this Fevicol advertisement, a group of men forms a human pyramid to get a handi that is dangling between two towers. We will see the men in this group maintain the human pyramid and move through Mumbai’s narrow streets painted in vermillion. Rather than collapsing, they rush to the location as they usually do. The pyramid of men that are firmly attached to one another moves rapidly toward the next prize. The advertisement concludes with images of people splashing water on the men known as Govindas and the vermillion washing off their clothes to reveal the brand (Fevicol) written on their t-shirts. The tagline “The Ultimate Adhesive” superimposed over the end of the video brings to light the core value of the company.

Joint Family

The “joint family” fevicol ad made a point about the immensity of ties in Indian families and their willingness to live together. It also struck a chord with the viewers. In this ad, a young boy asks a question, anyone here watered the Tulsi plant in the courtyard? For which the entire extended family nearly 100 people, replies one by one. Finally, the boy chooses to water the plant once more after not receiving a response.

“Mazboot jod ka mazboot reminder”

This ad was published during the pandemic and is designed to depict an ordinary day at the mall. People walking by tried to pull out a chair and sit down, but the chairs didn’t budge. The people are ultimately advised that social distance is necessary for the mall after much deliberation. In the end, they also display a message from Pidilite’s Fevicol brand, stating that the reason the chairs remained in place was to ensure safety. As a result, the brand encouraged its target market to always obey social distance rules.

It is undeniable that Fevicol has certainly the most captivating and successful marketing approach. 

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