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Bingo Introduces India’s First Korean-Inspired Savory Snacks Line

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ITC Bingo! is set to thrill consumers with its newest creation, Bingo! 2X Hot and Spicy Korean-style chips, available in three exciting formats: Bingo! Original Style, Bingo! Hashtags, and Bingo! Potato chips. Acknowledging Indians’ fondness for Korean culture, from K-drama to K-pop and cuisine, Bingo becomes India’s pioneer brand in introducing Korean-flavored savory snacks.

Bingo launched India’s First Korean- inspired Savory Snacks Line

Product Launch Announcement:

ITC Bingo! unveils its latest creation, Bingo! 2X Hot and Spicy Korean-style chips, featuring three enticing variants: Bingo! Original Style, Bingo! Hashtags, and Bingo! Potato chips. Recognizing Indian consumers’ passion for all things Korean, from K-drama to K-pop and cuisine, Bingo! proudly pioneers the launch of Korean-flavored savory snacks in India.

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Marketing and Promotion Strategy:

To maximize the impact of the launch and tap into the K-wave phenomenon, Bingo! collaborates with popular South Korean artist Aoora for a catchy new song titled “Maeun Maeun” (meaning “Spicy, Spicy” in Korean), with a vibrant music video crafted by Tonic Worldwide. This strategic alliance harnesses the immense popularity of Korean pop culture, particularly K-pop, generating buzz around the release of Bingo! 2X Hot and Spicy Korean-style chips.

The brand’s comprehensive 360-degree media campaign aims to deeply engage with the audience. Leveraging social media platforms, Bingo! generates pre-launch excitement among users and strategically positions itself in online spaces frequented by K-pop and Gen Z music enthusiasts. The brand integrates the song into music channels to organically amplify its appeal. Additionally, promotional spots featuring the song will be strategically placed across various entertainment channels. Collaborations with approximately 15 influencers, including Korean influencers in India, Indian influencers in Korea, and food vloggers, further amplify awareness about the innovative product.

Brand Innovation and Market Insights:

ITC Bingo! has continually led the charge in offering distinctive and innovative snacking experiences to Indian consumers. Known for introducing industry-first products like Mad Angles! and Hashtags!, the brand excels in providing adventurous textures and flavors.

Today’s consumers exhibit a growing interest in experimenting with diverse products and flavors. Research indicates a rising fascination among consumers, particularly Gen Z, with Korean flavors and culture. With a keen understanding of this market gap, Bingo! Korean-style chips deliver an authentic taste experience, seamlessly blending fiery Korean-style flavors with Bingo signature potato snacks . The new range will be available nationwide in convenient, pocket-friendly packaging, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Bingo Introduces India's First Korean-Inspired Savory Snacks Line
Suresh Chand

Mr. Suresh Chand, VP & Head of Marketing, Snacks, Noodles and Pasta, ITC Foods, commented on the launch, “The Korean culture has significantly penetrated in India especially among the GenZ audience. We, too, noticed that our consumers are seeking Korean experiences in snacking. Catering to this demand, we have launched the all new first-of-its kind spicy, tangy Korean-Style Chips in the Indian market. Infused with Korean-inspired flavours tailored to the spice-loving palates of India, we are confident that this range will delight our consumers.”

Spokesperson from Tonic Wordwide said, “This collaboration between Bingo and Aoora is twice as spicy.  ‘Maeun’ means spicy in Korean. The new flavour is so spicy that we had to add another ‘Maeun’! As an agency, we are obsessed with the consumer, their behaviour, so when it came to launching a product that is for the GEN-Z, we wanted to do it in their language. K-Pop, is way beyond a music genre for the audience, it’s a part of their culture. The catchy song captures the core essence of the new flavours Korean style. Super excited!”

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In conclusion, ITC Bingo launch of Bingo! 2X Hot and Spicy Korean-style snacks marks a significant milestone in the Indian snacking landscape, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer preferences. Through strategic collaborations with South Korean artist Aoora and Tonic Worldwide, Bingo! leverages the global phenomenon of K-pop culture to generate excitement and anticipation for its latest offering. With a comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaign spanning social media, music channels, and influencer partnerships, Bingo! ensures widespread awareness and engagement among its target audience. This bold step not only taps into the growing interest in Korean flavors and culture but also reinforces Bingo!’s position as a trailblazer in the snacking industry. As consumers embrace the spicy and flavorful experience of Bingo! Korean-style chips, the brand continues to redefine snacking norms, delivering unique and memorable taste adventures to every bite.

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