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Stella Artois’ features David Beckham in their latest campaign “For Moments Worth More”

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Stella Artois’, a nearly century-old brew, has enlisted football icon David Beckham in their new campaign to revitalize its premium image amidst challenging beer sales for parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev).

Stella Artios’ new campaign featuring David Beckham

Announcement of Partnership and Campaign:

Stella Artois, renowned for its premier European-style lager, has revealed its collaboration with sports and lifestyle icon David Beckham to launch a new global initiative: “For Moments Worth More.” This campaign emphasizes genuine value, highlighting meaningful moments and elevating everyday experiences.

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Heritage and Premium Positioning:

With over 600 years of brewing heritage, Stella Artois has established itself as a premium choice in the beer market, distinguished by its unique taste. Despite its consistent delivery of quality, Stella Artois is introducing this campaign to celebrate the truly valuable everyday moments, such as enjoying quality time with friends over a beer.

Statement from Tim Ovadia, Global Vice President of Marketing:

According to Tim Ovadia, Global Vice President of Marketing for Stella Artois, AB InBev, the definition of “premium” has evolved. It’s no longer solely about the price; brands must now demonstrate their worth to consumers on an emotional level.

Introduction of Premiere Creative and David Beckham’s Role:

The premiere creative, titled “A Taste Worth More,” humorously depicts the value of Stella Artois’ taste surpassing even the opportunity to meet David Beckham at a bar. Beckham, a Stella Artois enthusiast, embodies modern premium values, making him an authentic global ambassador for the brand.

Statement from David Beckham:

Expressing his pleasure in partnering with Stella Artois, David Beckham emphasizes his excitement to celebrate genuine moments with loved ones, noting the brand’s distinctive taste as a long-standing favorite.

Information about the Campaign Execution:

The commercial, developed by GUT Miami, is part of a year-long campaign and will be accompanied by digital and out-of-home advertising by JKR London.

Statement from Chris Jones, Group Vice President of Marketing:

Chris Jones, Group Vice President of Marketing for Stella Artois, Anheuser-Busch, expresses excitement about embarking on this new chapter, focusing on the brand’s unique taste and its role in championing truly valuable moments.

About Stella Artois:

Stella Artois® is a Belgian-style lager rooted in a brewing tradition dating back to 1366, known internationally for its exceptional taste and quality ingredients. The brand also offers Stella Artois Liberté, a zero-alcohol brew with the same refreshing taste. Visit for more details.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Stella Artois' features David Beckham in their latest campaign “For Moments Worth More”
Richard Oppy

Richard Oppy, global vice president of the Premium Co. at AB InBev, said David Beckham was tapped as an official ambassador for the brand because, “Not only does he embody modern premium values, but he is also a beer consumer and Stella Artois lover – an authentic connection that builds strong partnership. This is a big moment for the Stella Artois brand that we believe can kick off a powerful wave of growth around the world.”


In summary, Stella Artois, synonymous with premium quality and tradition, embarks on a new chapter with the announcement of its partnership with David Beckham for the global campaign “For Moments Worth More.” This initiative signifies a shift towards celebrating genuine, everyday experiences over mere price tags, resonating with consumers on an emotional level. With Beckham as the authentic ambassador, Stella Artois aims to highlight the timeless value of shared moments, reaffirming its position as a leader in the beer market while embracing modern premium values.

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