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Colgate MaxFresh Teams Up with CID to Spot Ad Errors

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In a surprising turn of events, Colgate MaxFresh finds itself at the center of a lighthearted controversy surrounding its recent ad campaign, “Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao”. Despite the brand’s dedication to reducing morning mishaps, the ad itself has become the subject of scrutiny due to unexpected blunders. However, this unexpected twist has led to an entertaining collaboration between the toothpaste giant and the legendary detectives of CID.

Colgate MaxFresh Campaign- The Unveiling of Goofs

Months after the ad’s initial airing, renowned ACP Pradyuman and his esteemed CID team brought to light subtle yet entertaining errors that had previously escaped notice. The ad humorously depicts the misadventures of a groggy doctor, symbolized by a bed strapped to his back, until he uses Colgate MaxFresh to start his day goof-up free.

Colgate MaxFresh X CID- A Playful Collaboration

Turning this inadvertent misstep into an opportunity for engagement, Colgate and CID have joined forces to invite customers to participate in the investigation. Through their playful narrative, viewers are encouraged to spot additional goofs and share their findings. Moreover, those who succeed stand a chance to win exciting gift hampers as a token of appreciation for their vigilance.

The ‘Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao’ ad:

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Engaging the Audience

The collaboration between Colgate MaxFresh and CID promises users a thrilling and entertaining journey filled with laughter and discovery. By involving the audience in the hunt for ad errors, both brands have succeeded in turning a potential setback into an engaging and interactive experience.


In the realm of advertising, unexpected twists and turns can sometimes lead to the most memorable campaigns. Through their collaboration with CID, Colgate MaxFresh has not only embraced the unexpected but has also managed to turn it into an opportunity for fun and engagement. As viewers eagerly participate in the hunt for ad errors, the bond between the brand and its audience grows stronger, solidifying Colgate MaxFresh’s position as a pioneer in both oral care and entertainment.


Agency: Brand David Communications

CCOs: Kainaz Karmakar & Harshad Rajadhyaksha
ECD: Juneston Mathana
Creative Team: Abbas Mirza, Shiladitya Saha, Faizan Shaikh
Account Management: Esha Datta, Zeus Balaporia, Faizan Shaikh, Bhumika Mandviya
Agency Producer: Divyang Pandya
Director: Ritankar Nandy
Producers: Bhavin Mehta / Zaheerali Furniturewala

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