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New Meesho ad features Ranveer Singh and Rashmika Mandanna to promote maximum shopping

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Meesho has launched its latest ad featuring Ranveer Singh and Rashmika Mandanna with the tagline ‘Jab Meesho pe hain latest trends, toh sochna kyun just maximise.’ Catering to the Gen Z audience, Meesho introduces #Trendz, a curated collection emphasizing affordability and contemporary styles. The initiative aims to resonate with the younger demographic, offering trendy fashion choices that align with their preferences while staying within budget constraints.

Meesho Ad featuring Ranveer Singh and Rashmika Mandanna

Meesho’s Trendsetting Campaign Unveiled: Maximizing Fashion for Gen Z

In a strategic move to capture the attention of the fashion-forward Gen Z audience, Meesho introduces its latest campaign with the compelling tagline ‘Jab Meesho pe hain latest trends, toh sochna kyun just maximise.’ Under the creative guidance of Meesho’s visionary team, the campaign introduces #Trendz, a meticulously curated collection emphasizing affordability and contemporary styles—aiming to resonate with young customers seeking trendy fashion without breaking the bank.

Celebrities Steal the Show: Ranveer Singh and Rashmika Mandanna Lead the Visual Narrative
Front and center in the campaign’s visual storytelling are renowned celebrities Ranveer Singh and Rashmika Mandanna. This carefully conceptualized approach positions Meesho as the premier destination for accessible yet trendy fashion choices. The campaign’s narrative is crafted with precision by Meesho’s creative minds, establishing the brand as the go-to for the latest trends at budget-friendly prices.

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Innovative Pre-Launch Strategies Garner Massive Buzz

Meesho’s pre-launch phase takes an innovative turn with a transparent refrigerated truck showcasing the star of the campaign—the trendy apparel. This concept, born from the creative minds behind Meesho’s vision, aims to highlight the freshness of trends. The truck’s journey through Bengaluru sparks engaging conversations both online and offline. The dedicated Instagram page detailing the truck’s movements is a testament to Meesho’s creative approach, accumulating an impressive 100 million reach within just four days across social media platforms.

Strategic Partnerships and Innovative Offerings: Meesho Collaborates with Swiggy Instamart

As part of its unique approach, Meesho partners with Swiggy Instamart to amplify product offerings. Under the guidance of Meesho’s visionary team, this collaboration sees customers receiving complimentary jewelry when shopping for cold items on Instamart, symbolizing the freshness of trends—the very essence conceptualized by Meesho’s creative minds.

Multi-Platform Amplification: 4 Films Set to Take Over TV and Digital Screens

The campaign unfolds through four films strategically amplified across television and digital platforms. Meesho’s goal, shaped by its creative minds, is clear – making fashion accessible for all. The campaign showcases the brand’s commitment to providing customers with an extensive collection of affordable apparel options, a concept that stems from the collaborative efforts of Meesho’s visionary team and their creative minds.

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Meesho Ad films featuring Ranveer Singh and Rashmika Mandanna

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Nilesh Gupta

Nilesh Gupta, General Manager, Growth at Meesho, said, “Fashion is ever-evolving and many people struggle with finding the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. Over the years, we have always tried to provide our customers with the best products without compromising on price and quality. Our latest campaign ‘Meesho #trendz’ is strategically curated to provide an authentic and accessible platform for fashion enthusiasts who value both style and savings. By associating with trend-setters Ranveer and Rashmika and leveraging humour, we aim to create an ever-lasting bond with the audience.” 

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In the grand tapestry of fashion, Meesho’s latest campaign emerges as a beacon of innovation and style evolution. Guided by the visionary tagline ‘Jab Meesho pe hain latest trends, toh sochna kyun just maximise,’ the brand, under the creative prowess of its team, has successfully captured the essence of Gen Z’s fashion aspirations. Ranveer Singh and Rashmika Mandanna’s star-studded visual narrative, coupled with the conceptual brilliance behind #Trendz, exemplifies Meesho’s commitment to making fashion inclusive and accessible. The pre-launch strategies, featuring a transparent refrigerated truck and strategic collaborations with Swiggy Instamart, are a testament to Meesho’s forward-thinking approach. As the campaign unfolds through TV and digital platforms, it becomes evident that Meesho is not just selling clothes; it is orchestrating a fashion revolution, where style, affordability, and innovation seamlessly coalesce. Meesho’s unique journey, shaped by its visionary team and creative minds, promises a future where fashion is a dynamic and inclusive experience for all.

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