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Nutella celebrates its 60th anniversary with a Limited Edition of 11 Unique Personalized Jars collection

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For six decades, Nutella, the beloved hazelnut cocoa spread, has delighted millions worldwide, becoming a household staple. In honor of its 60th anniversary, Nutella aims to elevate the festivities by championing the contagious joy of smiles. The brand unveils a special collection of 11 limited-edition jars, symbolizing the enduring emotional connections across generations and diverse personalities.

Nutella 60th anniversary with a Limited Edition of 11 Unique Personalized Jars collection

For six decades, Nutella has delighted consumers worldwide, evolving into a household name. In celebration of its 60th year, Nutella aims to spread joy through smiles. A collection of 11 limited-edition jars has been unveiled, fostering emotional connections across generations and personalities.

Description of Limited-Edition Jars:

Each jar in the collection represents recognizable characters among our circles. The 11 persona jars aim to share smiles among loved ones, labeled to reflect different facets of personalities. Available across India, these jars offer varied representations like The Captain, The Best Friend, The Fashion Icon, and more.

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Launch Campaign of 11 collection on Nutella 60th anniversary with Ranveer Singh:

Nutella introduces a series of digital films featuring brand ambassador Ranveer Singh. Through these films, Singh encourages viewers to spread smiles while showcasing all 11 jars. Relating the labels to himself and loved ones, Singh promotes the message of sharing joy.

Promotional Activities:

To mark the jar launch, Nutella initiates a QR code-based contest. Consumers can scan the code on the lid to access Nutella’s website and participate in the contest. Winners stand a chance to receive exclusive Nutella merchandise and vouchers. Additionally, consumers can customize virtual jars to send messages to loved ones.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Zoher Kapuswala

Zoher Kapuswala, marketing head, Nutella, Ferrero India, states: For 60 years, Nutella has been a part of millions of households, spreading smiles and creating cherished memories. Through the campaign, we continue to celebrate ‘60 years of Nutella’, by inspiring our consumers to gift the most relevant jar to their loved ones or even themselves. These limited-edition persona jars will remind us of someone in our life who represents a persona and will create a spontaneous gifting moment…thereby spreading smiles.


In conclusion, as Nutella commemorates its 60th anniversary, it not only celebrates its iconic status but also aims to spread happiness through its special collection of 11 limited-edition jars collection. With the help of brand ambassador Ranveer Singh, Nutella encourages consumers to embrace the joy of sharing smiles and connecting with loved ones. Through innovative promotional activities like QR code contests and virtual jar dedications, Nutella continues to reinforce its position as a beloved household brand, bringing delight and emotional bonding to millions across India and beyond.

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