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Piramal Realty Unveils Anamorphic 3D Billboard in Collaboration with Ideacafe

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Piramal Realty, the real estate arm of Piramal Group, has taken center stage with a captivating 3D anamorphic out-of-home (OOH) billboard at Sion, Mumbai. This innovative campaign is a pivotal component of their marketing strategy for the latest phase, Vana, at Piramal Revanta. Breaking new ground as one of the first developers in Mumbai to embrace digital out-of-home activations, Piramal Realty is making waves with a 20-second storytelling format that brings Vana to life.

Piramal Realty- Digital Transformation in Real Estate Marketing

Piramal Realty’s decision to embrace a digital out-of-home activation reflects a progressive approach to real estate marketing. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the brand is setting a new standard in engaging potential buyers and creating a lasting impact.

Vana: A Green Oasis in the Heart of Mumbai

The focal point of this 3D billboard is Piramal Realty’s latest phase, Vana, at Piramal Revanta. The creative narrative unfolds on the bustling Eastern Express highway, where a vibrant tapestry of opulent greenery and a thriving ecosystem are showcased. This immersive experience aims to communicate the essence of Vana – a green oasis nestled in the heart of Mumbai.

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Biophilia and Nature’s Inclusiveness in Real Estate Marketing

Vana’s campaign goes beyond traditional real estate advertising by creatively incorporating biophilia and the inclusiveness of nature. The 3D billboard effectively communicates a compelling narrative, capturing the attention of passersby and also social media users alike. This approach aligns with a growing trend in real estate, where buyers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly and nature-centric living spaces.

Anamorphic 3D Billboards of Piramal Realty: A Visual Delight for Mumbai’s Audience

Piramal Realty has chosen to employ anamorphic 3D billboards to showcase the features of Vana. Also, the 20-second storytelling format is not only attracting attention but also providing a clear visual delight for the audience on the move. This dynamic and interactive advertising approach ensures that the message resonates with viewers memorably.

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Ideacafe Agency’s Creative Vision: Bringing the Story to Life

Nabendu Bhattacharya, founder added, “We are privileged to have been chosen by Piramal realty to create a compelling storyline that resonates with the media in its truest sense. The creative confluence of all the three digital screens is one of the highlights of this endeavour and we are glad that team Piramal Realty bought into our creative vision and made this a reality, we believe 3D anamorphic content is apt for real estate category as it can showcase the features while audience are on the move.”


So, Piramal Realty’s 3D billboard for Vana at Piramal Revanta represents a groundbreaking moment in Mumbai’s real estate marketing landscape. By embracing digital out-of-home activations and incorporating innovative storytelling techniques, the brand is successfully capturing the attention of a dynamic audience. So as the real estate industry continues to evolve, Piramal Realty’s bold approach sets a new standard for creativity and engagement in the sector.

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