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Massive Brand Collaborations for Poacher Series on Amazon Prime

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Set in the lush forests of Kerala and the wild jungles of Delhi, “Poacher,” an Amazon Original series helmed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Richie Mehta, unfolds as a gripping eco-thriller now streaming on Prime Video. Based on true events, it delves deep into the investigation of India’s largest ivory-poaching syndicate in 2015, shedding light on the dire plight of elephants. Over the weekend, social media erupted with concern as elephants vanished from logos of renowned brands like The Times of India and the Flying Elephant restaurant at the Grand Hyatt, Chennai. This sparked a collective outcry, with over 30 brands joining the conversation to advocate for elephant conservation. Brand such as Asian Paints, Make My Trip, Dabur, and Spice Jet, among others, aligned with Poacher on Amazon Prime Video to amplify the message of “Poacher,” standing united against the looming threat to these majestic creatures.

Brand Collaborations for Poacher Series on Amazon Prime

1. Make my trip

2. Park Hyatt Chennai

3. Times Of India

4. The Bombay Store

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5. Asian Paints

6. Prime Video IN

7. Toothsi

8. – 

9. Zupte

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10. SpiceJet

11. Unacademy

12. Boat

13. Dabur Hajmola

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14. AbhiBus

15. Aqualogica

16. Rapido

17. makeO toothsi aligners

18. Pulse

19. Mivi

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As the collaborative efforts between Amazon Prime Video’s “Poacher” and over 30 brands intensify, a powerful message emerges: the urgent need to protect and preserve elephants from the perils of poaching. Through this unified front, the series serves not only as entertainment but also as a catalyst for awareness and action, prompting viewers and consumers alike to join the fight against wildlife crime. With the resonance of this collective voice, there’s hope for a future where elephants roam free, unthreatened by human greed and exploitation.

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