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Reliance Retail Introduces ‘Yousta’: A New Youth-Focused Fashion Retail

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Reliance Retail debuts ‘Yousta,’ a youth-centric fashion retail format, opening its inaugural store at Hyderabad’s Sarath City Mall. This innovative format will provide budget-friendly fashion items for both men and women, primarily under ₹999, with most items priced below ₹499.

Yousta: Reliance Youth-Focused Fashion Retail

Reliance Retail, India’s leading retailer, has unveiled its youth-centric fashion retail concept, Yousta, with the inauguration of its first store at Sarath City Mall. In a press release, the company highlighted Yousta’s modern, technology-enhanced store layouts, offering fashionable items at affordable prices, catering specifically to the younger demographic. All products are priced below Rs 999, with a majority under Rs 499, targeting Generation Z. This move intensifies competition in the budget market segment, as more retailers vie for a larger share of this consumer base. Reliance Retail, already a holder of global brand rights like Gap, operates its own retail formats such as Reliance Trends and Azorte.

Reliance Retail Introduces 'Yousta': A New Youth-Focused Fashion Retail

What Products Reliance Yousta Store Will Have

The Reliance Yousta store will offer a diverse range of products, including:

  1. Products Offered:
  • Unisex Clothing catering to diverse styles and preferences for both men and women.
  • Character-themed merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and products inspired by popular characters.
  • “Starring Now” Collection, a weekly refreshed capsule featuring the latest fashion trends as complete ensembles with matching accessories.

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2. In-Store Technology:

  • QR Code Screens for easy information sharing.
  • Self-Checkout Counters for efficient transactions.
  • Free Wi-Fi for a connected shopping experience.
  • Charging Stations to keep devices powered up.


  • Yousta’s inaugural collection is accessible at its Hyderabad store.
  • The collection is also available online through Ajio and JioMart platforms, offering both physical and digital shopping options.

What Do Experts Have To Say About It?

Reliance Retail Introduces 'Yousta': A New Youth-Focused Fashion Retail

“Yousta is a young and dynamic brand that underlines a way of life, which will grow and evolve with the youth of this country. The team will continuously work with India’s younger generation to understand their evolving fashion needs. Yousta will not only give a voice to the youth but also give them the freedom to express themselves, because for us, they are absolute stars,” said Akhilesh Prasad, President and CEO, Fashion and Lifestyle, Reliance Retail.

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In conclusion, Reliance Retail’s exciting new venture, Yousta, promises a vibrant and tech-savvy shopping experience for the youth. With its unisex clothing options, character-themed merchandise, and the trendy “Starring Now” collection, it caters to the ever-evolving fashion preferences of young consumers.

What sets Yousta apart is its seamless integration of technology, featuring QR code screens, self-checkout counters, free Wi-Fi, and charging stations, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Whether you prefer the tactile experience of shopping in-store or the convenience of online shopping, Yousta has you covered. The inaugural collection is already making waves in its Hyderabad store and is just a click away on the Ajio and JioMart platforms.

For Gen Z and fashion-forward individuals, Yousta is poised to become a go-to destination to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. With its blend of style and technology, it’s a testament to Reliance Retail’s commitment to evolving with the times and meeting the needs of the ever-discerning youth market. Stay tuned for the fashion journey that Yousta is about to embark upon – it’s bound to be a stylish one

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