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The Best Independence Day Campaigns of Brands That Captivated Hearts In 2023

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Independence Day is a time for celebration, reflection, and gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of India. It is also a time for brands to show their patriotism and connect with consumers on a deeper level. In 2023, there were many great Independence Day brand campaigns that captivated hearts. These campaigns showed that brands can use their platforms to do more than just sell products. They can also use their platforms to connect with consumers on a deeper level and celebrate the things that make India great.

Best Independence Day Campaigns

1. Tata Tea

Tata Tea Premium’s #DeshKaGarv campaign celebrates India’s diverse culture on Independence Day by showcasing traditional handloom art from different states on its packaging, promoting the legacy of Indian craftsmen and supporting handloom weavers through consumer collaboration with Okhai.

2. McDonald’s

McDonald’s India (West & South) collaborates with BrandMusiq and 9X Media to infuse a Desi twist into its iconic jingle for Independence Day 2023, creatively uniting Indian musical flavors. This innovative initiative is a testament to McDonald’s commitment to celebrating local culture and diversity, with the creative vision brought to life by the brains behind the campaign – Rajeev Raja, Founder of BrandMusiq, and the teams at McDonald’s and 9X Media.

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3. Croma

Croma’s “Let Freedom Find You” campaign celebrates Independence Day by showcasing how technology enhances everyday moments of freedom. Through heartwarming videos, the campaign reminds us to find joy in simple activities. The campaign was conceptualized by Croma, directed by Gaurav Gupta, and executed by Mothership Productions, collectively conveying the message that freedom resides in the ordinary with the touch of technology.

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4. Britannia

Britannia’s “1947% More History” campaign for Independence Day shares stories of living freedom fighters through QR codes on their products, bridging history with the present. Crafted by Talented, this innovative campaign invites us to discover untold stories and honor India’s legacy.

5. Manyavar

Manyavar’s Independence Day campaign video tells an emotional story of a father and son journeying through India’s freedom struggle landmarks, highlighting unity and sacrifice. Anchored by the “Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye” initiative, it emphasizes national pride and cherishing history through traditional attire.

6. HSBC India

HSBC’s social experiment campaign for Independence Day features cricket star Virat Kohli surprising international students in the UK with a gully cricket match, aiming to bridge the gap between Indian students abroad and their roots. The heartwarming video captures the essence of Indian spirit and unity, while HSBC’s research reflects challenges faced by international students and their parents during the settling-in period. The campaign encourages a sense of belonging among international students and showcases HSBC’s support for their journey.

7. ZEE5

ZEE5’s campaign “Azadi Ka Jashn, ZEE5 Ke Sang” celebrates India’s 76th Independence Day with a five-day event starting August 11, 2023. Subscribers can enjoy a Rs 100 discount on ZEE5’s annual subscription and access 76 premium SVOD titles across languages for free, showcasing India’s cultural diversity. The campaign reflects ZEE5’s commitment to providing quality entertainment to viewers and widening access to their content library.

8. Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers’ Independence Day campaign, featuring actress Regina Cassandra, challenges traditional gender roles by showcasing her as both a bride and a soldier. The campaign emphasizes strength and elegance, while celebrating soldiers and their families. Kalyan Jewellers also celebrates opening its 200th showroom with a ‘Celebrating 200 Showrooms’ campaign offering up to 25% off making charges for gold jewelry purchases.

9. Ajio

Ajio’s #FashionBeyondBoundaries campaign, in collaboration with visual artist Toosid, celebrates Independence Day by breaking fashion stereotypes. The campaign uses the iconic song ‘Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiya’ from the 1970s to evoke nostalgia and showcase India’s diverse fashion culture, encouraging the breaking of stereotypes.

10. PayU

PayU’s Independence Day campaign #FreedomOfPayment, crafted by Chimp&z Inc, highlights the freedom of seamless digital transactions in India. Using AI-crafted visuals, the campaign shows how digital payments unite diverse cultures, languages, and geographies, fostering a shared identity. The campaign includes a social media contest and a Vox-pop video, celebrating digital payment’s role in the country’s unity and progress.

11.’s social initiative arm,, partners with Udayan Care to empower women’s financial independence through upskilling and placement of 10,000 women over five years. This initiative aims to address India’s low female workforce participation rates and raise awareness about gender disparities. The campaign titled ‘RevolutioNaaris’ focuses on providing financial support and leadership skills to women, fostering their journey to become financially independent and contribute to India’s progress

12. ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard’s Independence Day campaign promotes road safety with the message that ‘true independence is responsible freedom’ – #AsliAzaadi. The brand encourages responsible choices for safer journeys, aiming to educate and emphasize this crucial responsibility for citizens.


As India’s 76th Independence Day approaches, Noise, the largest smartwatch brand, launches the ‘Noise of India’ campaign, celebrating the nation’s diversity by collaborating with folk artisans and curators to create culturally rich smartwatch faces. These watch faces reflect India’s heritage and blend technology with tradition, symbolizing Noise’s commitment to unity in diversity. The campaign showcases over 1000 meticulously designed smartwatch faces, capturing the essence of India’s culture and art.

14. Himalaya Baby Care

Himalaya BabyCare’s touching Digital Video Commercial titled ‘Procession’ pays homage to India’s Independence Day, showcasing young children in traditional attire picking up litter from a beach, symbolizing their dedication to a cleaner environment. The DVC encourages unity and participation in the ‘Swachh Bharat’ movement, reflecting Himalaya BabyCare’s commitment to a healthier and happier future for children and families.

15. Axis Bank

Axis Bank’s #FindYourIndia campaign for Independence Day celebrates India’s diversity by featuring individuals exploring different regions, languages, and cultures. The campaign encourages viewers to discover their unique version of India and promises Axis Bank’s support across the country with its #DilSeOpen philosophy. Created by AutumnGrey and Grey, Bengaluru, in collaboration with director Deepti Nangia, the campaign exemplifies Axis Bank’s commitment to embracing cultural richness and individuality.

16. Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak’s remarkable AI Video campaign for India’s 76th Independence Day reimagines iconic freedom movement leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, singing the National Anthem through the creative use of Artificial Intelligence. This innovative initiative, conceived by HyperCollective, brings history to life, preserving the legacy of these leaders and allowing viewers to celebrate their enduring impact on this significant occasion.

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Brands’ Social Media Independence Day Campaigns

1. Happydent

Independence Day Campaigns

Happydent celebrating freedom with the brightest smiles.”Azaadi waali baattissi Sabse bright.”

2. Faasos

Independence Day Campaigns

Faasos is celebrating by offering more freedom to unwrap deliciousness and explore exciting flavors, one signature wrap at a time!

3. Ducati India

Independence Day Campaigns

Ducati India sends its heartfelt Independence Day wishes to all. The image conveys the message: “Let Motorcycling guide you to freedom,” with the bike’s backlights adorned in the tricolor of the nation’s flag.

4. Make My Trip

Independence Day Campaigns

MakeMyTrip has introduced an Independence Day contest. Users can comment on the image, stating the number of Indian wonders they’ve explored and their favorite pick, elucidating the reasons. The five most exceptional responses will win ₹10,000 MakeMyTrip travel vouchers each.

5. Paperboat

Independence Day Campaigns

In a heartwarming scene reminiscent of school days, Paper Boat captures the essence of nostalgia. The image portrays students standing in a row, sans school bags, waiting eagerly for laddus. As memories flood back, Paper Boat’s depiction evokes a sense of fondness for simpler times.

6. Sin Denim

Independence Day Campaigns

Viewing India’s famous landmarks through Sin Denim’s perspective is like experiencing a perfect mix of history and modern vibes, just like the threads of denim itself. This Independence Day, the focus is on honoring the remarkable #GameChanging spirit and sacrifices of our nation’s people, beautifully captured in the post.

7. Zomato

Independence Day Campaigns

Zomato’s Independence Day post beautifully displayed the concept of “Har Ghar Tiranga” (Every Home, the Tricolor Flag) in a captivating way.

8. boAt

Independence Day Campaigns

In their Independence Day post, the boat creatively states, “Only if it was that easy to cut down on calories too” alongside an image depicting one kite cutting another, humorously likening it to fitness goals, saying, “Me to my fitness goals – Kai po che.”

9. Jeevansathi

Jeevansathi asks, “What’s Azaadi for you?” in a playful manner and sends warm Independence Day wishes. Their reel emphasizes defining freedom on your own terms.

10. The Sharpner Co

The Sharpener Co celebrates Independence Day with a vibrant display of creativity and innovative strokes, capturing the essence of imagination and ingenuity through colors and artistry!

11. Tide India

Independence Day Campaigns

Tide India celebrated with, “Iss Independence Day manaao mushkil daag se aazadi”

12. Amul India

Independence Day Campaigns

Amul India invites everyone to embrace the true essence of freedom by choosing a life free from harmful chemicals. This Independence Day, celebrate organically and cherish the freedom to make healthier choices for a better tomorrow.

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13. Kellogg’s India

Independence Day Campaigns

Kellogg’s India sends out heartfelt Independence Day wishes, emphasizing the importance of nurturing and nourishing a progressive nation. They invite everyone to join in this celebration and contribute towards the growth of India.

14. Ariel India

Independence Day Campaigns

Ariel India’s Independence Day message resonates with the spirit of unity and shared responsibility. The image of aprons in the tricolor, labeled Mom, Dad, and Son, symbolizes the importance of working together for a brighter future.

15. Pulse

Independence Day Campaigns

Pulse candy captures the essence of India’s vibrant flavors in their Independence Day caption and the creative as well. The playful rhyme conveys that when the burst of masala hits, the true essence of India’s chatpata taste will emerge. This tagline, “Pulse Of India,” resonates with the brand’s identity as it celebrates the unique and bold flavors that define the pulse of the nation’s palate.

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Let’s wrap up the best Independence Day campaigns By brands

In the dynamic world of marketing, where brand messaging can often feel disconnected from real emotions, the Independence Day campaigns of 2023 have set a remarkable example of how brands can resonate with people’s hearts. These campaigns have demonstrated that beyond sales and profits, brands hold the power to unite, inspire, and ignite a sense of patriotism. By creatively aligning their messages with the spirit of Independence Day, brands have shown that they understand their role in society goes beyond just selling products. As we celebrate our nation’s freedom, these campaigns remind us that the true essence of Independence Day lies in cherishing the values that bind us together as Indians.

FAQs: Independence Day Campaigns

  1. What is the significance of Independence Day campaigns for brands?

Independence Day campaigns provide brands with an opportunity to showcase their patriotism and connect with consumers on a deeper level. It’s a chance for brands to contribute to the celebration and reflection on the values that make India unique.

  1. How do these campaigns go beyond selling products?

Instead of focusing solely on product promotions, these campaigns tap into the emotional aspect of the occasion. They align their messaging with the sentiments of Independence Day, creating a stronger bond with consumers.

  1. What makes a successful Independence Day campaign?

A successful campaign often resonates with the patriotic sentiments of the audience. It can use storytelling, visuals, and messaging that evoke a sense of pride, unity, and gratitude.

  1. Can smaller brands create impactful Independence Day campaigns?

Absolutely! Impactful campaigns don’t necessarily require massive budgets. Creativity, sincerity, and a genuine connection to the occasion can make even smaller brands stand out and leave a lasting impression.

  1. What can we learn from these campaigns for future brand strategies?

These campaigns teach us that consumers appreciate brands that care about shared values. Future strategies can incorporate more storytelling, emotional resonance, and social responsibility to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

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