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Top 10 Mother’s Day Campaigns of 2024 Celebrating Diverse Moms

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Mother’s Day 2024 saw a heartwarming array of campaigns that celebrated mothers in all their glory. Brands went beyond the usual tropes, showcasing moms’ multifaceted roles and the unique bond they share with their children. So, here’s a glimpse into some campaigns that resonated with audiences:

Top Mother’s Day Campaigns of 2024

1. Zomato- Reminder for India’s Mother’s Day Forgetters

Capitalizing on forgetful hearts, Indian food delivery platform Zomato targets the 80% of Indian consumers who miss Mother’s Day with a humorous YouTube campaign.

The campaign playfully highlights Zomato’s on-demand delivery and reminder features. It features people going to extreme lengths to remember Mother’s Day – like getting a tattoo! – alongside funny skits about reminder capsules and delivery riders with the date on their uniforms. The punchline? Just set a reminder on Zomato, the easy and also a reliable solution.

2. DoorDash

DoorDash goes beyond flowers this Mother’s Day. They’re aiming to bridge the gap for those who can’t be with their moms in person, focusing on delivering heartwarming reunions and strengthening unbreakable bonds.

Top Mother's Day Campaigns of 2024 Celebrating Diverse Moms

The campaign, in partnership with digital marketing agency Dept, takes a two-pronged approach:

  • Remote Delivery: DoorDash isn’t just delivering flowers, they’re also facilitating the delivery of love itself. The campaign highlights their ability to send gifts and potentially even help with travel arrangements (depending on the specifics not mentioned here) to reunite families on Mother’s Day.
  • Deepening Connections: Their content series showcasing reunions and a special AR lens allows people to virtually connect with their moms, creating a sense of togetherness regardless of distance.

Overall, the campaign emphasizes DoorDash as a tool to strengthen the bond between mothers and children, even when they can’t be physically together.

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3. Dove Chocolate Champions Moms Re-entering the Workforce for Mother’s Day 2024

This Mother’s Day, Dove Chocolate steps beyond the box of chocolates with a powerful initiative: the “Mom Experience Translator,” an AI tool designed to empower moms re-entering the workforce.

Top Mother's Day Campaigns of 2024 Celebrating Diverse Moms

Many mothers face challenges when returning to work after raising children. Employers can misinterpret resume gaps due to childcare. Dove’s innovative tool tackles this issue by translating the valuable skills honed during motherhood – like multitasking, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence – into clear, job-relevant terms for recruiters and hiring managers.

More Than Chocolates:

Dove Chocolate’s commitment goes beyond technology. Recognizing the financial hurdles mothers face, they’re offering a sweepstakes with a $1,000 prize for 10 lucky moms, plus a charitable donation to an organization supporting women re-entering the workforce.

Ready to Rejoin? Empowered moms can visit to access the “Mom Experience Translator” and take the first step towards their dream job.

4. MoneyGram

Top Mother's Day Campaigns of 2024 Celebrating Diverse Moms

In a unique twist on Mother’s Day greetings, MoneyGram, a money transfer platform, launched “Make Your Mother’s Day” campaign that offered a hilarious alternative to generic cards. Their AI-powered card generator let users create personalized greetings with over 180 wacky scenarios. So, simply by uploading a photo with Mom, the AI whipped up a custom card guaranteed to bring a smile. To sweeten the deal, residents of ten countries (including the US, Canada, and Australia) had a chance to win a plane ticket home by sharing their AI card on Instagram. So, this creative campaign offered a fun and personalized way to celebrate moms in 2024.

5. NeuGo

GreenCell Mobility’s AC electric bus brand, NeuGo, celebrated Mother’s Day with a heartwarming campaign, #MaaJaisaCare

The campaign paid tribute to the incredible women who balance being dedicated mothers and transportation professionals. These “supermoms” are the driving force behind NeuGo’s mission to provide safe, eco-friendly, and comfortable travel experiences.

#MaaJaisaCare highlighted the inspiring stories of these mothers, acknowledging their vital contributions and showcasing the seamless way they blend their professional and personal roles.

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6. McDonald’s

McDonald’s India (North and East) tugged at heartstrings with their Mother’s Day campaign. The heartwarming film tells the story of Ashu, an eight-year-old determined to make his mom, “the world’s best mom,” feel special.

Ashu pours his heart into crafting a handmade greeting card, but when it doesn’t capture his ideal image of his mom, he takes a big step. With his older brother’s help, he breaks his coveted piggybank and uses the coins to buy a treat. The surprise meal, filled with love and appreciation for their sons’ thoughtful gestures, showcases the special bond between mothers and children. Additionally, it captures childhood innocence, unconditional love, and gratitude.

7. Mother Dairy

Expanding on the theme of maternal love, the campaign’s film goes beyond the traditional mother-child bond.

It highlights the “Maa Jaisi” qualities – caring, nurturing, pure, and selfless – that can exist in all of us. Whether it’s a father, friend, or even a stranger, these qualities can strengthen our connections and create a sense of family. The film is further elevated by the beautiful lyrics penned by the legendary poet Gulzar.

8. MG Motors India

In a heartwarming twist for Mother’s Day, MG Motors India released a film celebrating moms as the original AI (artificial intelligence).

The film playfully highlights that long before technology entered the picture, mothers were already the ultimate problem solvers and intuitive guides for their children. With their seemingly endless knowledge and uncanny ability to know what’s best, the message is clear: moms have always been “the smartest of them all.” This campaign adds a layer of humor and warmth to the traditional message of maternal love. Hence, it’s one of the best Mother’s day campaigns of 2024.

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9. Johnson’s Baby

Johnson’s Baby, in partnership with DDB Mudra, released a heartwarming Mother’s Day film celebrating the diverse journeys of motherhood.

The film moves beyond traditional portrayals, showcasing the experiences of mothers who adopted, underwent IVF, or carried a baby to term early. Through the poignant stories of Neha, Maya, and Geet, the film highlights the emotional resilience of mothers and also the countless paths that lead to parenthood (including waiting anxiously in a hospital bed and flashbacks to their unique journeys).

This campaign beautifully captures Johnson’s Baby’s commitment to supporting motherhood in all its forms. The message is clear: regardless of how they become mothers, every woman is united by the powerful instinct to protect their child.

10. Asian Paints

Asian Paints’ #JustLikeMoms campaign for Mother’s Day 2024 injected a dose of playful nostalgia and humor into the traditional celebration.

Through relatable moments and witty dialogues, the campaign showcased the often-unconscious way millennials find themselves adopting their mothers’ habits. From particular cleaning routines to the undeniable influence of a mother’s taste in décor, the film highlighted the enduring value of mothers and the subtle transformation of homes, perhaps facilitated by Asian Paints’ products.

So, this lighthearted approach resonated with viewers, making it a memorable Mother’s Day campaign in 2024.

Wrapping up: Mother’s Day Campaigns of 2024

From funny and heartwarming to thought-provoking and empowering, Mother’s Day campaigns in 2024 captured motherhood’s essence in all its beautiful complexity. These campaigns celebrated moms as entertainers, the invisible backbone of families, and also the ultimate source of love and guidance. Whether it was a nudge to reconnect with Mom or a reminder of the incredible skills she’s honed throughout the years, these innovative ideas left a lasting impression and set the bar high for future Mother’s Day celebrations.

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