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Cornitos Unveils ‘Wild As You Like’ Campaign with Charming Mascot Corny

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Cornitos, the popular snack brand known for its delicious Nachos range, has taken a step further in captivating the hearts of snack enthusiasts with its latest campaign titled “Cornitos Wild As You Like.” Conceptualized by Crayons Advertising Limited, this campaign introduces a mischievous mascot named Corny the Un-Cooperative Chimp, who leads viewers on a delightful journey filled with laughter and excitement. The focal point of the campaign is the mouthwatering creation of Baked Snack CRUSTIES, a funky zig-zag snack that promises a perfect balance between health and taste.

How The Swaggering Mascot ‘Corny The Un-Cooperative Chimp’ Was revealed

The brand reveals Corny the Chimp as its charismatic new mascot through a captivating grand launch film. The campaign commences in a lavish conference room, where mascot suggestions trigger uproarious flashbacks of daring escapades and comical rejections. Leaving the audience yearning for more, the teasers conclude with the suspenseful phrase “To be continued…” As the storyline evolves, the spotlight shifts to an auditorium stage in the main launch film, revealing Corny the Chimp as the endearing yet mischievous face of the brand. Get ready to be charmed by Corny’s adventures!

Mr. Vikram Agarwal- Managing Director of Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd stated, “We believe Corny the Chimp adds a whole new dimension to our brand identity. He embodies our values of innovation, playfulness, and delicious snacking experiences. Corny is our wild and lovable brand ambassador who will forge a strong connection with our consumers and enhance our brand recognition.” 

“Cornitos Wild As You Like”- Unveiling “The Adventures of Corny The Un-Cooperative Chimp”

In an ad film, Cornitos promoted their all-new Cornitos crusties with their new mascot, Corny the Un-Cooperative Chimp. This mind-boggling advertisement takes place in a research lab, where Corny seizes the opportunity to create mischief. With playful antics, Corny tosses random items into a machine while emitting mischievous monkey noises. This causes panic among the researchers, who are left baffled by the outcome.

To their surprise and delight, a single CRUSTIES emerges from the machine, revealing the innovative and tasty creation by Cornitos. The researchers’ panic transforms into curiosity, and they eagerly take a bite, savoring the irresistible taste of CRUSTIES. With Corny the Chimp as the lovable and mischievous mascot, Cornitos successfully brings to life the wild and imaginative spirit behind their delectable CRUSTIES.

Exploring The Irresistible CRUSTIES

The “Cornitos Wild As You Like” campaign not only amuses but also showcases the incredible CRUSTIES. These baked snacks stand out for their unique zig-zag shape and are a healthier alternative as they are baked instead of fried. Packed with delicious flavors and enriched with nutritious ingredients like Beans, Chickpeas, and Potatoes, CRUSTIES offer a guilt-free snacking experience that is perfect for all occasions. With six enticing variants available, there’s a CRUSTIES flavor to please every palate.

The Vision of Vikram Agarwal

Vikram Agarwal, the managing director of Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd., expressed his vision for the campaign, stating, “Currently, our brand is recognized majorly for its Nachos range. With this campaign, our aim is to construct a brand narrative that unifies the entire product lineup under a single umbrella. We aim to create an unforgettable storyline that entertains our audience while reintroducing our scrumptious CRUSTIES.” Through this campaign, Cornitos intends to expand its brand recognition beyond Nachos and establish itself as a leading player in the snacking industry.

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Crayons Advertising’s Creative Concept: “Cornitos Wild As You Like”

The “Cornitos Wild As You Like” campaign is the brainchild of Crayons Advertising Limited, a renowned advertising agency responsible for its captivating concept. The agency sought to disrupt the crowded snack market and also capture consumer attention through Corny’s mischievous and playful activities. By positioning Cornitos as a lovable brand that stands out from the competition, Crayons has ensured that the campaign resonates with consumers on an emotional level.

Let’s wrap “Cornitos Wild As You Like”

“Cornitos Wild As You Like” is a delightful and mischievous campaign that invites snack lovers to embrace the wild and imaginative spirit behind Cornitos’ CRUSTIES. So, with Corny the Un-Cooperative Chimp leading the way, viewers are taken on a journey filled with laughter, excitement, and the discovery of a guilt-free snacking experience. Cornitos has once again proven its ability to innovate and delight consumers, positioning itself as a brand that offers great taste and a fun-filled snacking adventure.

Hence, as snack enthusiasts embark on this exciting journey with Corny, one thing is certain – the irresistible flavors of CRUSTIES are sure to leave a lasting impression on the taste buds and hearts alike.

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Brand – Cornitos 

Conceptualized by –  Crayons Advertising Limited – Agency on record for Cornitos 

Directed by –  Alok Kulkarni   

Production – Full Moon Production

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